Friday, January 21, 2011

Mystery Revealed - Lucky Me

A couple of weeks ago when I was visiting either Dollar Store Crafts or One Pretty Thing I came across a blog called Mich L. in L.A.  Among other things, Michelle makes jewelry out of found items and every once in a while she makes a contest of getting her readers to try to figure out what the object is that she is using.  Lucky for me that I started to follow her blog because on Monday, January 10 she ran another mystery contest.

Luckier for me was that I actually knew what the mystery item was and I was the first one to guess it because I won one of her beautiful creations.

It came all wrapped up nicely in this envelope with another surprise - this cute little bead charm clipped in the corner like a postage stamp.

Okay, if you've checked out the links you probably know what the mystery item is, but in case you haven't it's called screen spline.  I picked the butterfly bracelet because I think that's what jarred my memory and enabled me to identify the mystery item. 

In September we were working on the porch screens at the condo and that was the same day that I found the tree with all the butterflies on it.  See this post.

The funny thing is that HWNSNBP and our friend who was helping him were throwing away the scraps of screen and spline and I was snatching them up to use someday.  I did use the screen in a Halloween project, but hadn't done anything with the spline - yet.  And now I know what I can do with it!

Thanks Michelle.  It's fun visiting your blog and seeing your out-of-the-ordinary creations.


  1. I would have never guessed that..Way to go... I love recycled anything...:)

  2. Hi, Lorraine! So glad you got it and liked the little bitty charm! Congrats again on guessing, you clever thing!

  3. New look blog?
    Lucky you indeed, it's a lovely looking bracelet. As we don't have screening here, I would never have guessed what the mystery object was. I enjoyed having a look through Michelle's creations - with the way you used to have - was it Thursdays? - when you recycled stuff I can see that her creative use of all those things would really appeal to you.


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