Saturday, January 22, 2011

Secret Mission - m&m's for Bertie

Secret Mission for the Teapotters

Eat some m&m’s.
Save your m&m wrapper.
Use your m&m wrapper to make a card for Bertie, aka Charlene who loves m&m’s, just retired, and is celebrating her birthday on January 22.
That would be a check, check, and check.

I ate a bag of coconut m&m's.  Okay, well maybe it was two bags.  I did save a bag for Charlene though.  And I used one of the bags to make a bow for my coconut m&m card.  The little green m&m girl comes from a box of m&m cookies that I got at the Christmas Tree Shop.  I did not eat any of them - I swear!

Happy Birthday Charlene and Happy Retirement! 

Wanna see what everyone else did with their m&m's?  Click here


  1. Coconut M&M's - that's news to me. I like your colour scheme and the little M&M girl. Such a very *sweet* card :D.

  2. So fun! M&Ms are great!


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