Monday, October 11, 2010

Dollar Store Eye Ball

I love visiting "dollar stores" as some of you may know.  You never know what you're going to find there and how you might use it.  Saturday I had some time to myself in the afternoon and was able to visit one of my favorite dollar stores - Dollar Tree.  I was looking for something particular for Boss's Day but I came away with a basketful of things as usual.  I was in the mood to do some Halloween crafting and I came up with this project - an Eye Ball.

The ingredients included 2 bags of wiggly eyes ($2), one styrofoam ball ($1), a small ceramic incense burner ($1), a twist tie, glue, toothpicks, and screen scraps which I already had on hand, and some glitter (which was an after thought I'll relate below).

I spilled out the wiggly eyes and started gluing them to the styrofoam ball, but I thought it needed a little more, so I got the glitter and also a pie pan to help control the mess.  Once I decided to do that, I realized that I would not be able to hold it without the eyes sliding all around in the glue so I stuck a toothpick into the ball to help me hold it as I worked and used another toothpick to help spread the glue.  After the eyes were on a section, I sprinkled the glitter on to fill in the gaps between them, tapping off the extra into the pie plate.  I continued this until the entire ball was covered.  Then it had to sit and dry for a while.

While it was drying, I took the strip of screening (this is flexible plastic screening leftovers) and gathered it into a bow using the twist tie in the center.  I used the tails of the twist tie to wrap around the incense burner and then set the Eye Ball on top.  Voila!  Total cost $4. 

I did take a soft brush the next day and gently brushed off the errant glitter.  I'm planning to put this on my counter at school - do you think it's too creepy for 3rd-5th graders?

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  1. Not being into Halloween really, I wasn't sure what to expect when I read your post title. But oh my - it's just totally fun, not creepy at all. The screen bow is brilliant! I bet you'll get loads and loads of comments from people who see it on your desk.


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