Friday, September 26, 2008

Teapot Tuesday 13

Another cute teapot from Cindy Motherway. I knew what stamp(s) I wanted to use as soon as I saw it, however, it took me about 45 mins. to find them in my stash. But then I got a little lucky because I actually had some of the small pumpkin images already colored. If I remember correctly, I had done a bunch of these when I first learned how to do the Prismacolor/Gamsol technique. Both of these stamps are from Stampendous and I got them at a little stamp store down in Delaware.
The vines are made from one of my CB embossing folders. I embossed the swirls on Celery cs and then swiped with Celery ink, and then (glutton for punishment that I am) I picked some of the swirls and cut them out. Here's the question of the day - do you think it needs a stem at the top? I was debating on that.
Now that I'm looking at the pictures together, I guess I was a little off with the leaf coloring. Oh, well. Can't wait until next Tuesday!!! Please visit Cindy's glob to see her beautiful card.


  1. I truly love your cards! Look how happy this is! It is so fun with such vivid colors. I absolutely love the gree swirley thingys....they had so much happiness to the card! And I love how you got the grapes in there! It rocks!

    Thanks for coming to my party! Snort!

  2. ok. I'm not kidding about the craft center. I think the idea of decorating pumpkins with cutting out other things is TOTALLY cool. Thanks for the inspiration!
    (We start pumpkins in two weeks. Pencil me in.)

  3. Just beautiful! What a fun Fall card. I think the pretty green swirls really make the design pop.


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