Saturday, September 6, 2008

Teapot Tuesday 10

Late again - but this being the first week of school and working late I think I can be pardoned for my lateness. I have to say that I was a little stumped with this one. Then today I found my bag of shells that I purchased on vacation (see post below). With some work, I thought I could use them for the pink tips of these, these, um, what are these! At first I was thinking asparagus, but then I've never seen asparagus with pink tips. But then again, it's all up to an artist's interpretation. So here is my interpretation of this week's Teapot Tuesday from Cindy's glob (check it out!!!).
I punched some word window shapes out of pink cs to glue the shells to. Wasn't it lucky that I had picked up shells with a pink hue on vacation!!! Then I took the heart patterned stamp from the Sprinkles stamp set and stamped that in Glorious Green on Gable Green cs. I cut the strips just wide enough to be able to stick the ends into the word window punch to round them and then sponged the edges with Glorious Green ink. The circle is cut from Whisper White cs with the coluzzle and I stamped the pink flowers from Spring Solitude with Pixie Pink ink.

I could have added more stalks and shell flowers but I didn't want to over due it and clutter up the card.

The edges of the Glorious Green cs were torn and roughed up and I added some ribbons from my stash (ribbons were from Michael's). The main card is Pink Passion with a panel of Pixie Pink as the background. I used the ticket corner punch on the corners and added a "ring" on the upper left from Gable Green sponged with Glorious Green.

Here's a close up of the shell flowers.

I need three, yes three anniversary cards for this week and one lucky couple will be getting this one, but it will have to be one that I can hand-deliver because the shells are very fragile and I wouldn't want anyone to get an envelope full of shell fragments.

I know I'll be using the shells again for other projects so I'll have to look into how to send them in the mail. Got any ideas?


  1. Debbie Modrowsky9/7/08, 9:49 AM

    Beautiful! How did you get those shells to stay on the card :)

    I used to shell when we go to HHI but the beaches are bare now.


  2. Hi Deb - I use Aleene's Tacky Glue in the pink jar. It is super tacky and sets up quickly - dries clear. ~lorraine

  3. Yes! I agree...its up to the artist! I love the pink tips of your asparagus stalks! Hee! What a creative and fun card...the little shells are perfect and its fun to see you use them.

    No worries about being late to the tea party, the real fun doesn't start right away anyway! Giggle!

    Love your card......its so fun! Great close up pictures too!

  4. you are pretty damn clever!!! Can you come do a center in my kindergarten room? please??

  5. vodka mom, you have no idea how much I would really love that. I subbed for 15 years before I took the school office job and kindergarten was my favorite.


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