Saturday, December 21, 2019

The 25 Doors of Christmas (or less)

Some of my Scribble Picnic cohorts put a challenge out on Instagram called The 25 Doors of Christmas and I was pumped to play along.  Way back on December 1st I was a little more optimistic of being able to fit this into my day and it lasted about a week.  These are the doors that I managed to get done.  They are mostly done in colored pencil (Prismacolors) with the last one being done in watercolor pencils.  

I had been carrying along my sketchbook to school everyday and whilst eating my lunch "al desko" I did get a few more sketches done, but finding time at home to color them was impossible.  We're celebrating our traditional Christmas Eve dinner early this year on Sunday and I'll be packing up all the art supplies for a few days, but I may just get back to coloring those sketches when I can wind down early next week.  And who knows, I might even break out the watercolors.  

If you have an instagram account you can check out #the25doorsofchristmas or Michael McVean at #itsrainingmarmalade or Alexandra McVean at #alexandrasillos for some pretty wonderful takes on Christmas doors of all kinds.


  1. A wonderful series Lorraine!

  2. What a great concept. December is certainly a hard time to find time every day, that is sure. I hope you get time after all the celebrations to colour your other sketches. Loving the snowman doormat.

  3. The doors are very fun - and red trucks seem to be everywhere in the stores this year. Merry Christmas wishes to you and yours!


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