Sunday, July 29, 2018

Wedding Card #1

Rachel recently asked me to make her some cards.  She has 3 weddings and a shower to attend in the next couple of months.  This is the first of the wedding cards that I made for her.  I got my inspiration from a card that I saw on Pinterest made by Melodie Viljoen.  Hers was so pretty in pink, but I went the white and silver way for the occasion.

And inside I simply added................

Cardmakers, do you ever wonder about the amount of work that you put into a card for certain occasions?  I was going to make 3 of the same card for her, but she said they knew each other and I wondered that anyone else ever sees the cards that people get for weddings and would it matter.  I plan on trying 3 different ones but the question still sits in my mind.  

When you make or buy a sympathy card for someone, do they display it?  Weddings and showers - do people leave them out where others can see or are they tucked back into envelopes or bundled in ribbon and stashed away?

I'm not going to stop making cards because of the thought of someone tossing it away, but I'm rethinking simplicity.  I can make something simple and beautiful or elaborate and beautiful and maybe some occasions should be more on the simple side.  

What do you think?  


  1. Well you know I love simple, your cards are beautiful, I say do whatever moves you creatively in the moment!

  2. I've never seen wedding cards on display, but sympathy cards yes, for sure I have seen those out. And it might just be that I've never visited any couple soon enough after their wedding. I like simple for sympathy cards, I think it's more appropriate. But wedding cards it can be more fun to go all out. Someone paid me €20 for the one I made for his daughter's wedding recently - certainly far more than I was going to ask.


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