Sunday, July 22, 2018

Things to Ponder and a Berry Little More

So, I'm not sure if these are considered cars or motorcycles with three wheels.  I've since found out that they're called Slingshot cars.  We were alongside a slew of these on the road home from our daughter's house in Delaware a couple of weeks ago quite by surprise.  You could hear all their music blasting, and at one point they slowed down to almost stopping in the left two lanes so that the slower ones could catch up.  We figured they were going to some kind of rally.

Whilst shopping at AC Moore this was spotted on one of a series of crates on their sidewalk in front of the store.

I bought this puzzle at the $Tree thinking it would be fun to put together - it proved to be a little challenging, but turned out to be very frustrating when I realized that there were pieces missing.  

One of our local grocery store chains had a good sale on blueberries.  A flat of 6 pints for $6.  A very good price.  So we picked up a flat.  Well, there are only two of us, so how to use all those blueberries.

Not only were the blueberries good and all the recipes were successful, this is the season for my favorite - Ranier cherries.  Yum!  

What's your favorite fruit of the season?


  1. I am also enjoying too much summer fruit!

  2. That sign proves you should always read the fine print! There aren't too many fruits that I don't love, but have to admit that cherries and blueberries are my favourites.

  3. Ha, I've seen not as much a discrepancy the wrong way but something similar in LIDL here. Well spotted - I wonder how many people would think they were picking up a bargain because they just see the clearance.
    I think I want blueberry muffins tomorrow after seeing this post.
    Nothing worse than a jigsaw missing pieces.


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