Friday, July 13, 2018

ICAD 2018 - 36-42/61

This week's prompts all begin with the letter P

36/61 - Pretzel
I wouldn't know about such things but it was fun to imagine little pretzel butterflies flitting about.

KOI watercolors, Zig brush markers, and Micron pen

37/61 - Poetry
This is only one verse, the last, from the e. e. cummings poem "i am" that I came across in high school and has always stuck in my head.  Don't ask me what it means because I think it has multiple meanings for me as I've grown older.

Stabilo and Pentel markers for colors, gel pen and Micron for writing

38/61 - Palette
My Cousin Janis posted a photo of this Lily in her garden the day of this prompt so I decided to do this card as a Nature Journal entry showing the palette

Zig brush markers, Posca paint pens, Micron marker

39/61 - Pixellated
The colored squares and rectangles were cut from an index card that I was using to audition my Magic pencils to which I added squares and rectangles with markers.  I glued a piece of origami paper to the index card as my background and then added the cut up "pixels" on top.

Origami paper and audition card

40/61 - Pinball ~ a variety of Globe Amaranth (straw flowers)
I went through a lot of "auditioning" to find an implement with the color of those flowers and finally remembered my Derwent Inktense pencils.  What was that old commercial that said "Shakes out white and turns blue"?  Well, the color change is not that drastic but there is an intensity that happens with these pencils when you activate them with water.  I am fairly thrilled with how this one came out and might try to duplicate it on a better grade of paper to frame for my desk at work. 

Derwent Inktense pencils

41/61 - Portrait
Kirby - our cockatiel.  Based on a picture that I took of him a few years back just before he tried to bite the cell phone camera as it came toward him.

Fantasia watercolor pencils with and without water

42/61 - Plate
I know I could have drawn a very elaborate china plate or home plate but you know I sometimes like to touch on the more obscure.  A turtle's shell is made up of plates that are called scutes.  And I've included a little video below of a little boy and a turtle.

Derwent Inktense pencils


  1. Kirby is so sweet! I also love the straw flowers, and the abstract pixellated card, too.
    Enjoy the weekend, Lorraine.

  2. Fun interpretations once again! We had a cockatiel for awhile but she/he decided that shrieking at the top of her lungs was pretty much the only activity worth doing. Drove my husband (who has hearing issues) absolutely nuts and the poor bird would be stuffed in the closet where it was dark to calm it down. Not a life we wanted for her so we re-homed her to where there was another bird to keep her company. Much better situation for all of us!

  3. Lovely creative art and your grandson's adorable!

  4. The palette is clever and lovely. I know you have problems with strong scents but I just love the smell of those lilies. The turtle plates is a clever take too, but my favourite is the Pretzel Butterfly.


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