Sunday, February 18, 2018

Duck Hunting with a Camera

Yesterday we woke up to a beautiful sunrise.  There's something about those colors that just give promise to the new day.  And it was a good one.  


The swans were back behind the condo.  There was a bevy of at least 10 of them.  HWNSNBP started his morning by checking out a "Fishing Flea Market" at one of the local schools.

And then we headed out to the lighthouse on a "duck hunt" with the camera.  Along the way we captured some swans playing hide-and-seek.  We actually passed them in a similar position to this and I did a double-take because I had never seen any buoy or flotation device in this general shape.  HWNSNBP was willing to turn back for some quick photos.  

I think she knew her picture was being taken and was asking him if it made her butt look big.

And he just told her not to be silly and they swam away.

There weren't very many cars at the lighthouse when we got there.  And upon further inspection, there weren't very many ducks either.  It wasn't too cold to walk down the concrete path at the inlet for a bit to check things out.  But these two red-breasted mergansers were the only ducks in view along with a couple of seagulls riding the waves.  We were hoping to see the harlequin ducks that had been spotted there a few days earlier.

The only boat in the whole inlet was this State Police boat which came back almost as soon as it went out.  

Walking back to the lighthouse we caught a glimpse of a common loon.  But it was poor showing of ducks day - although being outside was a plus.

We got back home home just before the snow started falling here in Central Jersey.  We had about 5 inches in a relatively short period of time and when the temperatures started to rise in the morning it was quickly melting.  


  1. Hi Lorraine :) The photos are beautiful. We don't see swans up here ever! I love the "bum in the air" poses they do and your dialogue was cute! We sunrise is gorgeous!

  2. Lovely photos, glad to hear of the quick melt.

  3. Lovely snow-melt photo. I think the mergansers are so beautiful. I'm not sure that we have them here, I know we've seen them in Switzerland, though.


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