Wednesday, June 14, 2017

ICAD 2017 - Week 2 - Days 8-14

Week 2 Themes - (optional)  Inspired by collage, ephemera, found papers, printed papers, old books & magazines.  You'll find that I didn't use these themes this week.  

Week 2 Prompts - again optional but I did use them

Day 8 - Paint Chips.  
I used watercolors to paint the bottom of a stream and cut up some shades of green paint chips to look like fresh cut grass floating on the surface. 

Day 9 - Ombre
I had just received a package in the mail with a new art purchase - a set of Prima Metallic Accents watercolors.  There are 12 colors in the set, but one side of the pallet reminded me of metallic beads you might see strung and hanging in the craft store.  

Day 10 - Sunshine Yellow
What's more yellow than the centers of some sunny-side up eggs?  Done in watercolors.  Lettering in Micron and gel pens.

Day 11 - Tetrahedron
My thought was to try to make a tesselation of Tetra fish in a hedron.  While I was googling that I found this pattern to make a 3-D tetrahedron.  I traced the pattern directly off my computer screen once I zoomed out and made it small enough to fit four on my index card.  Then I made a pattern out of the tracing, used the pattern to transfer to the index card.  I used Mermaid markers to color these and added the stippling with my Cuttlelola.  Then I carefully cut out the shapes with an Exacto knife.

This is what it looks like assembled.  I spent a better part of Sunday doing this card, but it was fun!

And from above.  I used another index card glued around the edges only to attach to the cut piece to make a pocket to put the object in when it's not assembled.

Day 12 - Wings.
Thinking back to my most recent picture of bluebirds.  I sketched out the blue that we had found in the nestbox on her nest after she died.  

I used a combination of different colored pencils to color this trying to get the colors right.  She made a much better nest in real life than I could ever draw!

This was my initial card for this prompt which I thought was too over-simplified.

Day 13 - Echo/Repeat. 
The colors of this card are much, much nicer IRL.  I tried 4 different times to photograph it and still I can't get the paint chips to show up on the screen like they really are.  I think this is why it always takes me so long to pick out paint colors, because the light never lets them look the same.  

Day 14 - Leaves
I drew a very geometric oak leaf and cut it out to use it as a pattern which I traced onto my index car.  Then I painted the leaves with shades of blue and green and outlined them with a Micron pen.


  1. Love those tetrahedrons, they remind me of Escher. And the sunny-side up eggs look just great! I like the way you did the lettering over the egg and into the background and used two colours. I always wish yolks were bigger proportionally, I'm less fond of the whites.


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