Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Scribble Picnic Postponed - Sharing Journal Pages

Our Scribble Picnic has been postponed for a couple of weeks due to a death in our host's family.  Thoughts and prayers to Michael and his family during this sorrowful time.  It was the general consensus that we should respectfully wait until he returns so as not to interrupt the attention that he and his family need right now. 

In the meantime I thought I'd post some pages from my sketchbook.  No prompts here, just playing with some new art products like Mermaid Markers and watercolors.  

Fantasy foliage.  

Nice vibrant colors of the Mermaid Markers.  I bought a set for a birthday present and treated myself also.  The ink is contained in waterbrushes and very, almost too easy to use.  

The next couple of pages were done with some new watercolors - Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections.  I had them on my Amazon wishlist and got a notification that they were at a special price - almost half off.  Who could pass that up?  Certainly not me.  I've been trying to use the site to place orders. Amazon will donate a portion of the sales to a charity that you designate.  I've chose The Raptor Trust.  It's only pennies it seems but pennies accumulate quickly.  

I also like the fact that you can make wishlists and make them shareable on Amazon.  It makes it easy for gift-giving when you're looking for something that someone really wants.  Whether for the holidays, birthdays, or Mother's Day (thank you Rachel!), it's so convenient.  

And.... this is turning into a "praise Amazon" post.......  I had several gift cards, VISA and Mastercard, that I was able to convert online to a reloadable Amazon gift card recently.  There were a couple of items that were a little pricier on my list that I was able to get now that I combined those other gift cards.  What did I order................ well, ICAD is coming up beginning June 1st and you will definitely see something then.  

(This is the same page as above but with some black marker highlights.)

That's all for now, but remember, now that we have another two weeks for the next Scribble Picnic prompt of BOOKS due on May 31, think about joining us. 


  1. See - you're so much more freely artistic than I am with those markers, I am just colouring images with mine (but enjoying them very much). I don't have the confidence to freehand draw. The top and bottom pages are my favourites here.

  2. Just lovely pages Lorraine!

  3. These pages are wonderful!!!!


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