Tuesday, May 2, 2017

April Wrap-Up

There were a couple projects here there in April that I didn't get to post.  The first being the birthday card that I made for my office co-worker.  

This "pebble-art" project was part of a birthday gift for a friend who shares a love of birds and paper arts. The pebbles are from our yard.  I coated them with some Mod Podge and dotted the eye on the pebble.  The legs and beaks are drawn on the watercolored background.  The branches and flowers are die cuts.  I was lucky to find this little shadowbox frame at IKEA.

One of the teachers I work with asked me to make some tags for bridal shower favors. 

They were attached to flower-shaped cookie pops which were displayed in a planter box.  

And this card was made a while ago and used in the Write_On challenge that I attempted this month. I say attempted because I didn't quite get through the month.  The weeks around Easter became so filled with other things that needed to be accomplished so I needed to put this on the back burner.  I still have my list of recipients and a stack of notecards so I will finish up eventually, just not in April.

How was your month?  We're definitely rushing to the finish line with the school year with less than 40 days to go.  Mother Nature is heating things up and Spring is quickly moving forward.  The days are enjoyably longer and the yard is beckoning for attention.  I just might have to do some weeding soon.  


  1. I love the birds. I have put the frame on top of one of the bookcases in the sitting room, so I see it from where I sit. Thank you!
    The top card is beautiful in those vivid colours, very happy.
    And the trainer image is cool (do you call them that over there? or sneakers...), it would be great for teen girls and so easy to customise in favourite colours.

  2. Now why have I never noticed rocks looking like birds before? How clever!


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