Thursday, May 26, 2016

Waaaa...Warm UPs

ICAD Creative Warm-Up #8 - Imperfect Circles - Started with highlighter circles and then added the tangles with a Micron pen.  

Speaking of warming up - boy did today warm up!  You can see the temps on our indoor/outdoor thermometer.  Of course, it wasn't really 101º, the outdoor device was in too much sun, but it did reach the low 90's.  And inside the house it was warm too.  Time for the AC - at least for the next few days, then we should get back to more normal temps.

I thought I'd throw in something new I tried recently.  Paint By Sticker.   This book has 12 beautiful pictures that are marked similar to paint by number canvasses only you fill the spaces with stickers which are included in the book.  Everything is coded and with a nice pair of tweezers handy it's pretty easy to do and relaxing.  I think I came across it while reading an article on mindfulness.  

Here is the link from Amazon 

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  1. It's been hot here too - but nowhere near that hot, I'm glad to say.
    Gosh, the hummingbird looks beautiful! The sharp lines from the way the shading is done by sticker give it an amazing sense of depth and dimension.


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