Monday, May 9, 2016

A Happy Mother's Day Weekend

Saturday took us down to Delaware to visit with Rachel.  HWNSNBP likes to fill her porch planter twice a year.  She picked out this lovely purple assortment of flowers which happened to come already all together in a smaller pot.  All he had to do was take out the old stuff from the big pot, add some new, nutrient rich soil, wiggle the planting out of it's smaller pot and add it to this one.  Viola! Instant curb appeal.

The robin's egg shell was laying in the bush just off the porch with no nest in sight.  So either the wind blew it there, or the mama or papa bird dropped it while taking it for disposal.  Either way, it looked so pretty sitting there in the rain soaked bush.

We had a delicious lunch together and then did some shopping.  She took us to the Container Store! I've been wanting to check out that chain store for years but we don't have one near us. The one near her opened this last fall.  I picked up a plethora of containers to use in the stamp cave, mainly a slew of them for sorting paper scraps into color families.  There's no sales tax in Delaware so I did save some by getting them there.  It will definitely be a place to revisit in the future.

From Delaware we headed back to Jersey but instead of going home, we side-lined ourselves to the condo for the evening.  I had spent some time the night before die cutting some flowers and gathering up some card bases and such for Mother's Day cards.  

I've seen so many beautiful cards made with these particular dies.

Stacking and gluing - easy peasy.

The finished product.

I couldn't find my sticky pearls, but was glad I threw in the liquid paper to add some interest to the flower centers.

The bluebirds have really gotten big and honestly, I half expected not to see them when we got home on Sunday, but they're still in the box, though I think it will be soon for fledging.  It's funny to see them practicing jumping and flapping their wings.  They get just enough lift to land on the back of one of their siblings, then the next one tries and it's like a baby bluebird totem until they all slide off.

And we did get to see the little guy yesterday morning.  This picture was taken by his mom a couple of days ago - it's the one that has melted my heart this week.  Daddy time and bottle practice.  She is so thoughtful and sends pictures almost daily.  It was so good to spend some time with them all on her first Mother's Day.

I hope all the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, godmothers, and sisters had a wonderful day.


  1. I'm glad you had such a lovely Mothers' Day weekend (never sure where to put the apostrophe, but in this case I think both options are correct!), Lorraine. The planter looks lovely - and I like the pebbles around it. First time I saw ones like those was in a shop window in Paris, down the road from one of our favourite (well, my!) restaurants, so those inspirational-type pebbles take me straight back there.
    Also I love how the Liquid Paper looks as flower centres - almost like enamel dots and definitely easier for mailing than actual half pearls. Thanks for that idea.

  2. A lovely post, Lorraine.
    My your grandson is growing fast. He's so bright and direct as he looks out at all that's new, including Daddy. So sweet!
    I love the card.

  3. Happy belated Mother's day, thanks for sharing your weekend and the beautiful pictures, the one with grandbaby is precious!


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