Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tangled Shells

Sorry these pictures aren't as good as they should have been but I'm showing the progression of a little spur of the moment project. I had these strips of Sahara Sand paper and had stamped the shell images on them intending to use them just that way on the birthday card for my DIL.  Side-by-side.  It didn't really pan out the way I intended so I went another route, but as I sat looking at those strips I decided to fill in the gaps between the shells with Karry Huen's tangle called Sand Swirl.  I added the tangle with a sepia Micron pen.  Then I took a white gel marker and added some white highlights to the shells.  I added even more subtler highlights with a white pencil.  Then I added the shadows to the tangles with a rose colored Prismacolor pencil.   I think I will trim these up to be bookmarks.

Another spur of the moment tangle project was on this shell that I picked up on the beach last weekend.  I had seen some beautiful examples of blue Sharpie on scallop shells on Pinterest and I would share the link but it links to a Facebook page and I'm not sure I can do that. 

Here's a point of reference to see the size of the shell - about medium size.  While this wasn't impossible, I think it would be much easier on the smooth surface of a scallop shell.  The ridges on this one were a little tricky and caused me to elaborate on my pattern thicknesses. 

I'll be posting my April calendar tangles soon. 


  1. Wow! stock would make great bookmarks! And yes, the tangles on the card stock would make great bookmarks! You also did a good job drawing on the shells! It's so annoying when you find sea shells on the beach and they are such pretty colours while they are wet....then you bring them home and they dry out and suddenly the colours are dull and not so pretty anymore:-( I too am a big shell collector, and other bits and bobs I find along the beach!
    Enjoy your day!
    Sunshine, NZ

  2. Wow! Both projects look incredible. Love those shell bookmarks. The swirls are beautiful and I really like the details you added on the shells.


  3. Absolutely wonderful!!! I can't wait to see that April calendar.

  4. LOVE the sand swirls with the shell images...perfect!
    I've tried drawing on shells and have found the surfaces sometimes a challenge...but yours turned out great.

  5. Ohh I love these!! I love what you did to the shell, the drawn design you created, fabulous and great idea. And the design on the papers is so beautiful too!

  6. Those strips are beautiful! They make me think of Indian henna designs - but I like the softer colours so much more. And the shell - wow! I can imagine it was NOT easy on the textured surface, but it looks amazing. Despite the sort of Greek key border, it makes me think "American Indian" or whatever the current PC term is. I used to have a series of books of traditional stories and legends from different countries round the world (oddly, I think my brother ended up with most of them), and the shell reminds me of the American Indian one.


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