Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Way to Say Thank You

Another way ....... in another language.  Polish to be exact.  When I saw this Memory Box die in Ellen Hutson's store I immediately put it on my wish list.  My mother is Polish, my father was Dutch, so I am Dolish or Putch, whichever way you choose to look at it.  My mother speaks Polish, as did my grandparents whom we lived above growing up.  There are a handful of words that I know in that language and Dziekuje (Thank You) is one of them.  I thought this would be nice to have on hand for cards I might make for my relatives (and friends) who speak a little Polish.  And as a note, the person I sent this card to was so tickled to get it.

What you see below is not a card, it is a page for a scrapbook that HWNSNBP needed for work.  One of the cafeteria workers that was with his company for many years is moving to Florida and they wanted to put something together from all the employees to wish her well and thank her for her cheerful service to them all these years.  We decided a beach scene would be good and he wrote something on the line of ..... I hope you enjoy many sunrises and sunsets in your new home.  

And speaking of sun ..... the Sunshine group from work sent me a card signed with messages from them all and a gift card to use while I'm recuperating.  Of all the times to be out of work this has probably been the worst time - the start of the school year.  There is so much that I am responsible for getting set up and though I'm trying to help out from home, I know it's the little details and extras that I do that are getting missed (which some of the messages reminded me of) and I feel bad about that.  

I made this center of the sun by punching out a circle in Daffodil Delight and then covering it with Washi tape in the same color.  Then I covered the whole thing with Crystal Effects and sprinkled diamond dust on it to give it some sparkle.  

As if I needed one more thing to deal with, I have a tooth that started acting up over the weekend and have to make a trip to the dentist today.  My least favorite place to go.  Keeping my fingers crossed it will be an easy fix!


  1. I hope the visit to the dentist goes well! I also hope that you are continuing to feel better with each passing day! I love what you did to the center of the sun! Just gorgeous!

  2. I'd figured out the Polish from some of your traditional cookery treats, but I never knew you had a half Dutch side to you before! The scrapbook layout is lovely, I do love that set!!
    And my goodness, you shouldn't feel bad about missing work because of something that you have no control over! It's perhaps good for them to realise how much you do. I hope the dentist went well - never a fun place to have to go.


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