Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Is it Okay to Wear White After Labor Day? Well......

that's not really the question.  Is it okay to use pastel colors on cards after Labor Day?  I guess most people wouldn't think about that, but it did cross my mind this week as I was working on some cards that I needed.  Then I thought about the cards that you would see in the card or grocery stores and they pretty much have pastels for various occasions all year round.  So I think I answered my own question.  

In any case, the sympathy card below was for a co-worker who lost her mother (and, I've come to find out her mother-in-law) in the last week.  What a sad time for their families.  

This card, on the other hand was made for my mother for her birthday coming up this week.  And after I finished it I had second thoughts about the colors thinking that it looked too spring-like .....

so I made another one with more fall-like colors.  

She liked it.  And I guess, since I didn't put a sentiment on the first one, I'll have a nice card to use in the spring for any occasion.  So add this to the advantages of making your own cards - you don't have to settle for pastels year-round, you can choose your own colors and design them for any season.  

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