Thursday, September 11, 2014

Blue - Spotting Your Own Photo**

I happened upon this challenge called Spotting Your Own Photo which proved to be quite a diversion for me.  You see, you have to go through photos you've already taken which is kind of the opposite of most photo challenges that I've seen.  Most times I've seen prompts posted and then you go out and find something to photograph to fit that prompt.  In this case, you're given a prompt and then have to go through your files and find pictures you've taken that would apply to that prompt.  

Having only seen this last week, I missed the prompt for August which was "Show Your Love For Animals" which we all know would not have been a problem for me to find pictures of animals.  I know for a fact that I have more pictures of animals than I do of people.   

So I was ready to jump in with the September prompt "Photos of Your Favorite Color".  I don't think any of these pictures were taken solely for their color, though I will admit that I am attracted to blue flowers.   I had fun combing through my files but then I had to "educate" myself in making a photo collage.  Thanks to PicMonkey I figured it out.

The Story of Blue

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a very small apartment with her parents and her two sisters and two brothers.  She had to share a room with her two sisters and they slept on a trundle bunk bed, her bed being the trundle.  

This little girl had a cousin who had no brothers and sisters and who was treated like a little princess. She had beautiful new clothes, no hand-me-downs, toys and a room all to herself.

Every once and a while the little princess' parents would ask the little girl to come over for a visit and she would stay in the princess' room both of them sharing her giant bed.  

They would play with all the dolls and go exploring outside.  The little princess once even told the little girl that there was a giant who lived in the field full of beautiful blue morning glories beyond the trees in her backyard.  

One day, as they were playing outside with another cousin they started talking about favorites.  The visiting cousin asked "what is your favorite color?".  The little girl said "green" but she was immediately told by the little princess that she could not have green as her favorite color because the little princess' favorite color was green.  The little princess told the little girl that she must choose another color or she would never be allowed to come over and sleep in the big bed or play with the beautiful toys again.

The little girl didn't want to choose another color but she also did not want to be banished from visiting the little princess.  Remembering the story of the giant who lived in the field full of beautiful blue morning glories beyond the trees - a place of fear and wonder to the little girl - she thought of those beautiful blue morning glories and chose blue.

Blue was the color of the bike she bought with her communion money. Blue was the color of the velvet dress her mother made for her to wear to her first family wedding. Blue was the color of her first car.  Blue was the color that she painted her bedroom when she got married.  Blue was the color of the dress she wore to her son's wedding.

Blue was and still is her favorite color.  And even though all these years later some would say she was bullied into choosing it, she is happy she chose blue.  

**Edited to add clickable link to PicMonkey.


  1. Lovely blue photos, oh so many wonderful hues of blue, thanks for sharing. And a fairy tale - I looved it. So fun. Also, you can do any of the earlier prompts any time if you feel like it. I'd love to see your animal photos! :)

  2. All my life, my favorite colors have been tan and gray. Kind of like me: safe, neutral, and not exciting. Last night I was shocked to see that in every room, I have a favorite object, and every object is: ORANGE. Color me surprised. It was there all this time and I never knew.

  3. Beautiful photos - it sounds like an interesting challenge. I'd need another hour every day to find time to look through my photos. Hopefully getting a new PC soon where I can run Photoshop Elements without it freezing (as currently) - then I can get round to tagging photos to make them more searchable.
    I loved your story too.
    For clothes, my favourite colour is red. And when I was about 6, my dad was making me a crown for Christmas (I didn't know). He came into my bedroom one night and asked me what my favourite jewel was, and I said rubies. He asked me was I sure I didn't prefer emeralds, but I was sure I liked rubies better. So when I got my crown on Christmas day it had a big "ruby" in the front. I suspect he probably had a green faceted stone and went and changed it.

  4. love this post . . . and the photos.


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