Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 4th Delay

Because Hurricane Arthur was nearing the Jersey coast on July 4th, most communities around here postponed their festivities until July 5th which was convenient as that was a Saturday.  We did have rain for most of the early part of the day on the 4th but then the calm after the storm kicked in and it turned into a beautiful evening after all - sans fireworks.  Check that, we were able to see many fireworks from the beach on LBI where we were visiting friends.  The big organized shows though were saved for the next night.

Sometime Saturday the local police department started setting up across the street from our condo for the big event.  These cones were set up in both directions from the parking lot as a pedestrian lane because once the parking lot fills, most people walk to the dock and though they arrive in dribs and drabs, they leave en mass which is always dangerous with all that vehicle traffic.

I don't have any pictures of the fireworks, I rather liked the way the cones were standing at attention and how their shadows played on the pavement.

I hope all my fellow American's had a wonderful Independence Day and I hope everyone had an enjoyable July weekend.

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  1. I like these photos . . . I still can't get used to hurricanes having men's names.


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