Tuesday, July 29, 2014

ICAD - Week 7 and Almost All of 8

July 13 - Violin or Cello.  Colored Pencil.

July 14 - Kokeshi Doll was the prompt but as you can see it is not a Kokeshi Doll or anything that resembles it.  I took some bottle caps that were lying on the table and dipped them in my new SU In-Color ink pads and just kept adding circles.  Some of them needed a little enhancement with dots using the markers in the same new colors.

July 15 - Dala Horse.  I really would like to have done a nice painted Dala Horse, instead I was inspired by a pixilated mariner's map I had seen on a weather site on Facebook.  Done in Prismacolors.

July 16 - Formula or Recipe.  I laid out some paper tape strips and then over them I used a quilt block pattern for my initials and did some simple tangling withing the block.

July 17 - Purple.  This started with the dark purple lines that I found on a painted rock I saw on Pinterest.  I then added some periwinkle and burgundy additions to the design.

July 18 - Matryoshka Doll.  Hmmm,  methinks I forgot to use my blending pencil on this.  She looks kind of simple.

July 19 - Pretzel or Knot.  I don't know how much knottier I could have gotten with this.  This goes back to basic doodling that I do when I'm on the phone, just added some bits of color here and there.

Thought it deserved a close up.

July 20 - Elephant.  This was inspired by an elephant brooch I found on-line that was enameled, however, I kind of liked it just in black and white.

July 21 - Octopus or Monster.  The monster is pain.  This is what I saw when I laid down on my stomach on our new mattress and closed my eyes as I willed the pain away and fell asleep if only for a while.  

July 22 - Rainbow.  I have seen this "technique" on Pinterest for the past two summers and have wanted to give it a try.  I think I might have needed to exaggerate the curves on the fingers a little more to give it more dimension.

July 23 - Mushroom.  HWNSNBP said these looked like kumquats, which I knew he meant to mean kiwi fruit as I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what a kumquat looks like.  But given that he is color-challenged, I can see why he might think they are.  But I meant them to be the undersides of mushroom caps.  I cut circles from some brown packing paper and then used some watercolor pencils to add the shading and detail.  The background was just some brown hued watercolors washed across the index card to resemble a cutting board.

Yeah, they probably don't look any better close up.  At least we won't have to eat them!

July 24 - Feather.  Drawn with a micron pen and then colored with Prismacolors.  Then I used a scribbling technique for the background which I kind of like.

July 25 - Jewel.  Well not really following the prompt again but there are some jewel tones in there.  This time I used some wrapping paper scraps from our schools annual fundraiser book and tried a one-staple collage.  Five layers of paper stapled with one staple to the index card.

Well, there are 6 more cards till the end of the challenge and some of the prompts are a little far-reaching for me and also I'm doing a little recuperating from some spinal injections that I had yesterday that will hopefully rid me of the pain I've been having from this sciatic problem.  But I am determined to have them done by the 31st.  I've been out of work since July 11 because I've been unable to sit and I haven't done much crafting other than these cards which have helped a little with my sanity.  It's also been one-level crafting and what I mean by that is I've been mainly using what supplies I have managed to bring downstairs from the stamp cave which has been just a slight bit limiting but challenging at the same time.  

My dining room table is a shambles of things, but I don't care.  An artist lives here.  Not a famous one, but one who makes messes when she creates, saves bits and bobs of things she thinks she'll someday use.  Collects boxes and paper, and bottle caps (metal and plastic) with the hope of finding a use for them other than the landfill. 

There are cameras scattered about and any number of projects in various states of completion, or in some cases actually beginning.  

I'm rambling again, so let me get on to those last 6 cards.  

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  1. The feathers and birds are my favourites (love the scribble background on the feathers), followed by the elephant. I was drawn to the violin/cello one too since my SIL and niece both play. I think I might have mentioned that to you at one stage? The mushroom ones made me think of some sort of sliced fruit too - but then I am not a big fan of mushrooms. The chopping board turned out pretty cool, though, it reminds me a bit of one of mine.


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