Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jingle Belles - PEACE on Earth

Truth be told I really do have a good reason for not having this card done earlier in the challenge - I haven't been able to sit without pain in my lower back and thigh for the last week and a half.  I pushed myself doing some gardening and the Rice Krispie elves, you know Snap, Crackle, and Pop decided to pay a visit to my lower back.  Those sneaky elves herniated a disk and tore another one whilst they were visiting causing my sciatic nerve to flare up to the point that I could not walk or sit without excruciating, and I mean like 16 or more on a scale of 1-10!    

But this is not a pity party for Lorraine.  This is me trying to stamp and be creative while standing.  Well, there was some sitting, but sitting is more like listening to and watching a Jack-in-the-Box.  I can sit and the discomfort builds and builds and builds, until I finally can't take it anymore and have to stand up like the Jack-in-the-Box popping out after being wound up.  

I was going to go on about my experience, but I'll just say that I've started PT and am seeing some good results and we'll see how much of a Jack-in-the-Box I'll be when I return to work on Friday!

So, you know when you think that you're going to make a quick card and it turns into a not so quick card?  Yup, that would be this one.   I thought using this single image embossed in white would be a good route to go to be quick and it was, but there was a snowman on that front hill that I did not want so I had to be a little more careful when inking the stamp to avoid it.  Then I decided I didn't want the hills to be blue, so I painted on some Frosty White Shimmer paint.  And the image is underneath the white panel which meant measuring and carefully cutting the opening so I could pop up that layer over the embossed piece.  (Don't tell anyone, but the glitter brads were added to cover up some messing cutting in one of those corners.)  

The image comes from a retired SU set called Country Pleasures that I won on ebay a while ago.  (Perusing ebay can be done while standing I will add.  Whether it should be done is another question. I just hope the packages come in on days that I get home first from work!)  

The sentiment is from an AMUSE set called Holiday Greetings Inside and Out.  I used Night of Navy and Shimmer White CS.  And I highly recommend investing in a centering ruler.  It really did come in handy getting that opening for the image centered.  

Okay, time to visit some of the other ladies and their PEACEful cards here.  

I'll be posting some other "standing" projects in the next few days!


  1. Lorraine, this is such a beautiful card. I love your take on the Peace on Earth challenge. The snowy scene is indeed very peaceful. It reminds me of the churches in small New England towns.

  2. oh nooooooooooooo! poor you!!! believe me i can sooooooo relate to the back issues, i'm just sorry to add another member to that club! hope you will feel better soon. in the meantime, may i point out that the ironing board can be adjusted to exactly the right height for stand-up crafting??!?! (ask me how i know; ok, nevermind DON'T but it's true, lol!!!)

    meanwhile, as to the card itself, it is the embodiment of GORGEOUSNESS as expressed by paper and ink. seriously. WOW! love this, missus!!!

  3. I always loved that set ... and it is so stunning in white and blue ... feel better soon ... btw, I always craft standing up (I have standing height tables), so you may just have to adjust your processes a bit. Hope PT helps.

  4. Oh Lorraine - I'm so sorry about your back. From something else I've heard I'm beginning to think that gardening should be listed as a dangerous occupation. Aren't centering rulers great! I have a quilting one that I don't often use but it's always great to know it's there when really needed. Take care of yourself, try to manage the pain and I hope it doesn't take too long for you to feel back down to a more manageable level on the 1-10 scale.
    I find crafting while standing quite good for most things except colouring, but it has to be admitted that my table isn't really the right height and is more likely to cause back pain.


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