Saturday, June 14, 2014

60 Rocks

HWNSNBP turned 60 this March.  Yep, one of those milestone birthdays.  And it deserved a celebration, but March is a harsh month so we opted to plan a little party for early May.  Believe it or not, I had purchased these Paperkins pkts. 10 years ago with the intention to use them as invites for his 50th birthday. 

I picked them up at a store called Amazing Savings and you can see the price.  They had some pretty good deals there but sadly, they went out of business a few years later.  

They were stashed away to possibly use at another time.  I remembered that I had them we were ordering a new recliner for our living room.  The old recliner was blue and the new one was going to be brown.  Perfect!  

Popcorn, soda, and the remote wouldn't do though.  It was Rachel's idea to use the pizza and beer instead.

And of course there were some cosmetic changes that were needed.  Glasses, mustache, and some gray highlights to the hair.

The theme of the party was "60 Rocks" and, unknown to HWNSNBP, I asked everyone to bring a rock with a special message on it so he could add them to a new rock garden he was putting in this spring.  At the party during dessert (he didn't want a birthday cake), everyone presented their rocks to him.  I won't share all that but the one that got the biggest laughs was from Rachel who "put her sentiment on both sides so he could see it when he was in the ground since he's so old"!  

We asked that there be no gifts but some people, who will remain nameless, surprised him anyway. These are the thank you notes that I made up for him to send out.

The card was inspired by one I saw on Debbie Henderson's blog.  Of course I had to use a bluebird stamp and add some blue feathers.  During the party our guests got to see what was going on in the nest box through the nest cam.  Mama Blue was still incubating the eggs at the time.  

We had two carport tents set up and had borrowed a friend's ping-pong table so the guys could play beer pong.  Old-school beer pong.  With paddles and alternating hits.  Cups and all.  When HWNSNBP attending Lehigh University his freshman year, he was introduced to the game played that way.  It has changed quite a bit since then.  But our guys play the traditional way.  And they're still good at it!

There were only 14 of us so I made some of HWNSNBP's favorites - sloppy Joe's, sausage cups, hot ham and cheese sliders, Texas caviar, and of course his cheater churro's for dessert.   We had a veggie platter, shrimp and coleslaw from Costco and other snack foods too.  

We had a little bit of rain off and on which brought the women inside for a bit, but all-in-all everyone seemed to have a very good time.  Especially HWNSNBP!


  1. I LOVE 60 Rocks!!! What a great idea to add rocks to the rock garden!!!!! An incredibly special way to celebrate a very wonderful birthday!!!! thanks for sharing the great idea!!!!

  2. I'll come back tomorrow (I hope!) with more time to look at all your index cards properly. Loved the circus one and the thought behind it.
    But I had to make the time now to leave a comment on this - both for your great personalised invites - love the way you did them as clipboards.
    And, of course, the beautiful bird thank-you - just gorgeous.
    Love the idea of rocks for a rock-garden.

  3. "60 Rocks" could not be any cuter and that thank-you card is beautiful. It sounds like it was a wonderful celebration . . .


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