Monday, June 16, 2014

ICAD - 2014 - Weeks 1 & 2

What is ICAD you ask?  It stands for Index Card A Day.  From June 1 to July 31.  This challenge originates on the Daisy Yellow Art Blog.  I've linked to the FAQ page.  

I vaguely remember seeing this last summer but I think it was well into July when I did and since it runs from June 1 to July 31 it was too late to start.  Then I saw mention of it again on my Jingle Belle friend Lauren's blog and went to investigate.  I did a photo-a-day challenge during July a few years ago and it was a lot of fun using the prompts.  This challenge also has prompts but they're optional and already I've found I've used some and other days just created something without a prompt.

For instance I did a calendar of sorts which will be a cover for my ring of index cards.  I already had a stack of index cards punched and on a ring that I intended to use for a tangle-a-day project that didn't get off the ground, so I might as well put them to use.

June 1 - Prism.  I remembered the prism scene from Pollyanna and used her explanation to make a sort of rebus using words and drawings to illustrate the quote.  (Markers and Prismacolor pencils.)

June 2 - Circus Tent.  School gets to be like a three ring circus about this time of year and I do have a supply of clown noses on hand to lighten the mood when needed.  My circus tents were watercolored with Derwent Inktense pencils.

June 3 - Hello My Name Is.  Well there it is.  I tangled my name using a tangle that begins with each letter of my name.  L-Lace. O-Onamato. R-Raddox. A-Ahh. I-Isochor. N-Nightsbridge. E-Ennies.

June 4 - Puzzle.  My father would do the daily cryptogram puzzle in the newspaper.  This was the puzzle of the day.  Pretty good quote too!  I added some red and black tangling.

June 5 - Galaxy.  Well, this did not turn out at all like I pictured it.  The news had recently reported that stars come in colors and I wanted to try to depict that.  So I scribbled some colored stars with my Prismacolors and then took a white crayon and scribbled over the colors.  I added more white stars with the crayon as a resist for the background which was an attempt to use the Derwent Inktense pencils again.  Then added the words from "Dream a Little Dream of Me" with a micron pen.

June 6 - Nail Polish.  I used a new embossing folder that had all these drippy shapes and embossed the index card first.  I kept the card on the embossing folder while I colored the shapes with the Inktense pencils.  I took a damp paper towel and laid it on the colored image and rubbed to try to get the colors to "inktense".  Truthfully, I liked what I got on the paper towel better than what I got here.  

June 7 - Yellow.  I grabbed scraps off whatever was yellow off my worktable for this.  There was some hand stitching with this one.  I stitched the punched flower piece to the darker yellow back piece and also stitched the crepe paper to ruffle it a bit.

June 8 - Mandala.  I was working on this while watching the Tony's that Sunday evening.  I used some Marvy Le Pen's.

June 9 - Alphabet.  More Marvy work here.

June 10 - The Beatles.  I sketched the heads of the Fab Four sans facial features in pencil and then added the words from "In My Life" which was our wedding song.

June 11 - Toy Camera.  Here's where the train came off the tracks a bit.  I had a catalog for school supplies that was going in the recycle bin at work so I cut out some of the bulletin board border samples and lined them up like film strips (okay, it's a stretch).  Then added some more FUN.

June 12 - Paisley.  I was fooling around with highlighters on a post-it note at work making those pink flowers and I thought I could turn them into paisley shapes.  

June 13 - Book Review.  I took a black Sharpie marker to the index card.  I save envelopes that have interesting patterns on the inside and that's what I used here. 

June 14 - Magenta.  Okay, magenta was not to be.  Not just because I couldn't find anything magenta but also because it was Flag Day and I wanted to use that theme.  Again I used that envelope paper and just red and blue markers in between the lines.  The star was watercolored in yellow but got lost against the background so I added a torn piece of packing paper to make it stand out.  

Well, that was the first two weeks and it was fun and also therapeutic in a way as I don't have to sit too long to complete them and still get some creating in.  

I know this post is very long but I think it will be easier to do one or two weeks at a time rather than try to do the project and post it in the same day.  


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with this daily dose of creativity! What a great reminder that you can fit creativity into your day in small ways!!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the journey unfold!!!!!

  2. I like seeing your cards in a nice chunk. I feel like I get to know you and even though the post may be long, it was like sitting down with you and a cup of tea and chatting. I enjoyed it a lot. Maybe over the next week I'll do a compilation post like this one.

    Nice to "meet' you!

  3. This is fun . . . I saw this challenge and just about decided to do it, but I hate not finishing challenges and knew I would be to busy . . . I will follow your cards in stead.


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