Saturday, February 22, 2014

What is It?............ and a Card Share

HWNSNBP made this for me.  Can you guess what it is?  It's not a bow maker or book end.  It does have a specific purpose but someone might think of another one.  It's relatively inexpensive to make (if, of course you don't need to have a new tool like, let's say a drill press in order to "do it the right way").  But then again, it was a Christmas present - let's just hope this isn't the only thing it gets used for.  At this point I don't need multiples of it, but one can never tell what the future will hold.

So while you're pondering the possibilities, let me share this sympathy card I made for a coworker who lost her dad.  I did some shopping on my work table and found the embossed frame from Papaya Collage.  I used Soft Suede as my card base and stamped the leaf image several times in an area the size of the frame opening I blocked off with post-it notes.  Then I popped up the frame and added the sentiment from Thanks for Caring.  The inside held one of the other sentiments from the same set.  

I've been searching for a few things this week and as I am going through my "stuff" I am trying to make a dent in what has accumulated.  Some of it will be trash but I hope to make more of it into treasure and find a good purpose for it.  

Well, did you guess or did you scroll down first to see?  Ta-da!  It's a washi tape holder.  I had shown HWNSNBP a picture of one that I found on the internet and gave him one of those "you could make something like this, right?" prompts and.................several months it is.

He's working on another prompted project - a wooden doormat in two shades of blue - and it's almost finished.  I'll share it soon, I hope.

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  1. I never look at Joe with those types of expectations. But he clean the entire hours while I'm playing with my cards, so I'm also a winner like you.


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