Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jingle Belles - Text Me (and I'll tell you what I got for Christmas)

I got a new toy tool for Christmas - a Silhouette Cameo.  I had been pondering whether to get one for over a year and finally this past November when the Black Friday deals were coming out I told HWNSNBP  that he could get me the Cameo and if he didn't think he wanted to spend that much money to let me know and I was going to buy one for myself.  Well, he is very good to me and he did order it but I was not allowed to open it until Christmas which was fine with me because I would not have had the time to learn enough about it before the holidays anyway.  So, where am I going with this?  Oh yeah, I started experimenting a little a couple of weeks ago and then when the Jingle Belles challenge of "Text Me" came out I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to put my new toy tool to use.

You can get lost in the Silhouette on-line store looking at all the possibilities, but finally I settled on a couple and the Jingle Belles tree above was what I went with for this challenge - to use text as our main focal point on our card(s).  I put my apprentice skills to work maneuvering the image and then pressed the right buttons and the lovely toy tool did all the cutting for me!  

This is actually only part of the tree - the file has the complete verse of the song but I wanted to be able to read the words easily and luckily, the designer ended the midline in a good place to cut the tree in half without making jibberish out of it.  

I wanted to illuminate the tree so I took some daubers and did my "bokeh" thing with them in bright colors and then added the word JINGLE throughout the background.  Yes, I realize that these are pretty out-of-the-ordinary colors for a Christmas card, but if you could see it IRL......, well it's pretty enough that I think it might even become an decorative art piece and not be used as a card.  We shall see.

So what else can I do with this new toy tool?  Well, I found a pattern for a paper bird that I liked and I could have just printed it out onto white cardstock and sat there with my scissors to cut it out, but I decided to teach myself how to adapt the file so that I could have the Cameo cut it out for me.  

It took a little bit of trial and tribulation on one of our recent "snow days" but I did it!

And I think I just might have to "tangle" one of these birds soon.

Stayed tuned for more projects using my new toy tool. 


  1. New toys are always fun . . . and I love anything made out of paper. Anxious to see what else you make.

  2. Look at you rockin' the silhouette ... that texty tree is fantastic ... and your bokah highlight is perfection ... so glad you joined our texty Christmas at jingle belles.

  3. ack! lorraine! how did i miss this last night? i plead temporary insanity due to dental hijinks! (SORRY!) anyway, it is an AWESOME card and a brilliant use of the new toy...AHEM tool!!! seriously! WOW!!! of course that tree is an amazing design (& perfect for this!) but i think i loooooooove the bokeh+ text background as much or more; and of course the best part is how well the whole entire design works together! YOWZA! love, love, love this, missus! <3

    ps: if i hitch up the dog team now i'm pretty sure i can be to your house by lunchtime... tomorrow... please to have hot chocolate and cutting files ready, lol!!! :) :) :)

  4. What a wonderful tool/toy. DH has coveted something like that since we first read about the Craft-Robo about 8 years ago. But I don't think I'd use it enough to warrant it, and I'm quite sure he wouldn't! I LOVE that little bird.


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