Friday, February 14, 2014

Cards and Cabin Fever

Well this couple might have had a real long case of cabin fever.  But not really.  This card was made for a blogging friend who loves Halloween and has a full size skeleton (or maybe 2) that she likes to pose.  It was her birthday recently and I couldn't resist using these stamps to send her some birthday wishes.

I experimented with the background a little.  I first dry embossed it with a chevron folder and then took my brayer and some white craft ink to the raised areas.  While the ink was still wet I sprinkled some white embossing powder randomly and then heat embossed it.  The fabric flower in the corner kind of pulled all the colors together.

The card below was made for HWNSNBP to send to a co-worker as a get well wish.  Sorry to say it is not really what I had in mind when I started working on it.  The background flowers were embossed with white EP and the other flower and leaves where layered onto it.  It's a bit summery for this time of year, but after all this snow and ice I think we could use a bit of summer somehow.

Speaking of snow and ice - we had both today and are expecting more overnight.  During a lull, when it had changed to rain, HWNSNBP and I took a little drive.  The raindrops on the windshield and the wet pavement really illuminated the traffic lights.  (Pictures taken with my cell phone in the car.)

I think they're kind of pretty in an abstract way.  Why is there no yellow light picture?  Because we live in NJ and no one stops for yellow lights here!   That's one of those urban myths you read about New Jerseyans.  Trouble is most of the time it's true.  Tonight though, we just didn't hit the light at the right time and there were cars behind us so we couldn't sit and wait for it to change.  

Yikes, I tried to get this post done before midnight.  Oh well, I'll have my Valentine's Day post a little later.  


  1. Love my card . . . This one will end up on a shelf somewhere . . . too cute to hide away. Thank you!

  2. I am LOVING these rain/snow photos! They could totally inspire some art journal pages/canvases!!!! I love seeing art in the everyday! Thank you for sharing the world through your eyes :)


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