Sunday, November 3, 2013

Today I am Thankful For....... Day 2

Today (Saturday) I am thankful for friends.  Our Table 7 crew (minus 2) met for our annual fall dinner at Mud City.   We left early in the day for Barnegat and once we were there HWNSNBP took full advantage of the beautiful autumn day and did some surf fishing while I did a little shopping with my friend J.

I had mixed up a batch of pumpkin fudge on Saturday night and quickly put together the batter for some chocolate molasses cookies before we left B-burg in the morning.  I've been having a problem with the temperature in our oven here since we moved it back into the kitchen after we did the floor, so I took advantage of having an oven in Barnegat to bake the cookies without fussing about them so much.  Some fudge and cookies would be our contribution to the after dinner get together.

As I was baking the cookies I was running from the front to the back trying to see where the best view of the sunset would be.  In the summer months it is perfectly viewed from the back porch, but as we near the winter months, the sun sets almost behind the end of the building making it almost impossible to see unless you hang out the back window..... which I did.  

The time spent before, during and after dinner (+ two) with our friends is priceless.  Even though the same stories are shared, laughter is the background music to our get-togethers.  There's always some little detail of something that happened a good 30 years ago now that keeps the ball rolling.  

I think somehow reliving the youthful days of our past over and over is keeping us young in our minds and hearts though our bodies may be betraying us.  

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