Monday, January 28, 2013

What's Blooming?

It's been so cold here and we've had several snow dustings, but things are blooming in the house.

A couple of orchids

An Amaryllis 

Some Oxalis 

A Streptocarpus 

A little speckled African Violet 

A potted Primrose

And we still have several Poinsettias.

The orchids were an indulgence that have surprisingly rebloomed several times.  They are in an east-facing area and seem to be very happy there.  

The amaryllis is on it's last bloom, but there is another one getting ready to pop soon.  We haven't gotten the timing down with these yet.  It would be ideal to have them blooming for the holidays, but we just seem to keep missing it.  The Christmas cactuses were pretty spent by Christmas day, though I'll have to try to find the picture of them, because they were so full of blooms this year.  I swear it was because of the "week without heat" in early November that shocked them into blooming.  

The streptocarpus and oxalis have come inside for the winter.  These two bloomed incessantly over the summer and are keeping up the show, though they're dwindling a little now.  This is the first year for the streptocarpus, so I am waiting to see just how long it will bloom and if it will be a perennial or not.

I couldn't pass up that little speckled African violet when I saw it.  I don't usually have any luck with African violets but I had never seen a speckled one before and thought I would give it one more try.

HWNSNBP brought home the primrose on a recent trip to the grocery store.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep it alive after the flowers are gone.  I usually put them right out in the flower bed in the spring if they survive.  I have a few scattered here and there that have been around for years.

The poinsettias  - somehow we wound up with about 6 of them this year.  You see, there was a sale on them "Black Friday".  They were 99 cents each at Home Depot so HWNSNBP brought home 10 of them with the intention of me taking some to work and giving a couple more as gifts.  Well, it wound up that someone else brought us plants at work before I brought mine in and some of the others didn't get "gifted".  So they are hanging around here.  We've never had any luck keeping them from year-to-year although I have managed to keep one or two plants green until August outside.  

I've got three geraniums and two begonias with sporadic blooms and if I keep diligently watering them, they'll make it to the spring.  And there are three potted rosemary plants that, knock on wood, are still thriving.  We'll see if I can keep them alive past March this year!  I love to run my fingers up the stalks and just breathe in their fragrance.

So what's blooming in your "garden" - inside or outside?


  1. Ha, not much at all here. I had to go to the supermarket to get some photos for the current houseplant photo challenge on SCS, because I managed to kill off the lovely white cyclamen I was given at Christmas. Hopefully it will revive! I wish you luck with your sweet little African violet, I know they can be finicky things.
    Love the first orchid - it reminds me of a Stargazer lily with the vivid colouring, but with no strong scent to bother you - and not so much pollen to get everywhere either! Timings - that's always tricky. When we had Christmas cactuses it was a very moveable feast, I certainly couldn't depend on them for Christmas. Amaryllis I fared a bit better with, but I only ever had the red ones; I really like the soft pale colouring of yours. We've seen them growing outdoors in Greece, which was a wonderful sight to see.

  2. This made my day - these are beautiful!
    It was so different for me when I moved to california . . . and we do not have to put geraniums in during the winter (they get so big)
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

  3. What a gorgeous display of flowers to bring warmth and brightness to this snowy least here in Denver:) Our Christmas cactus is blooming again - as long as the kitty doesn't knock over the plant again! :)


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