Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Birdie Bits

"Hey, you wanna see something cool?

Look over there.

No, not that way.

Jeez, stop hiding in the shadows, you won't see a thing.

See the acrobat woodpecker.  Wish I could hang on like that. 

Whoa, look at that guy.  Looks like he's doing upside-down push ups.  I wonder if his New Year's resolution is to get in shape?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Will you quit bothering me?  Never mind getting in shape.  I'm trying to eat before the squirrels get here!"

Wish I could say I've been hanging out with the birds.  Not so much.  I've been having computer issues that are driving me nuts (better watch out for the squirrels myself!).  

We've been trying to put away "Christmas" and when that is done it's time for some major purging.  HWNSNBP wants me to throw away 7 things a day.  I'm a little behind on that!  But I know I can make it up.  

What have I been doing creatively?  Well, I did put together a couple of ornaments as gifts for some friends we saw after the holidays (I'll post them soon).  And I have purchased an engagement calendar that has blocks for each day where I can do a tangle pattern each day (I'll share that soon too).  

I have not gotten back into the "stamp cave" yet because the storage area we use for "Christmas" is through the closet in there and everything keeps getting moved around.  It's a sad excuse, but believe me, I will be much more willing to work in there when I can get it back to where I want it.

Hope you like the Birdie Bits today.  Maybe it'll become a series this year.


  1. Love this post! . . . Looking forward to seeing your projects. I have often thought about getting rid of a certain amount of items a day. (I always think 10) . . . so I have to ask - why 7?
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. A regular occasional feature? Yes please!! You know, without being told, that I love these. Two birds I'd love to see in real life.


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