Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pinterest Inspired - Macaron Purse

Have you seen those little macaron purses that keep on being pinned on Pinterest?  Well, I saw them a while ago, pinned them, and finally got all the supplies together to make them.

Fabric, ribbon, 2" circle template, 2 3/4" circle template pictured.  I used some metal buttons that were 1 1/2" instead of metal covered button blanks.  You just pry the front off the back carefully and remove the plastic pattern and just use the metal front and back - discard the pin or save it for another project.  Also not pictured is a 7" white zipper which was cropped to 5", a piece of batting about 5" x 5", and a needle and thread.  You will also need some tacky glue to glue the batting to the metal tops. 

Follow the directions at the link above - these are good directions and in English.  I've seen others that were not in English so be careful.

And here is the finished product which isn't quite as lop-sided as it appears in the picture.

And from the side...............

Inside the little purse isn't much room, and if I did this again I probably would not use the metal bottom and just use a fabric circle on some interfacing to give it more room inside.    I'm also thinking that a larger pin back button would make the purse itself a little larger, just have to figure out the correct size of the zipper.  

Shall I tell you that it took me a little over an hour start to finish.  This is all handsewn, but it's pretty simple and I think it came out pretty cute.  Wish I had another zipper right now.

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