Friday, November 30, 2012

Juice Carton Wallet

We had to purge the contents of 3 refrigerators after the storm.  We had tried in vain to keep the main refrigerator going with the generator we had, but we gave up on that when it got too cold to stay here.  Aside from the cold packs we keep in the freezer, I did not trust to keep anything else.  

Thankfully we had removed all bait (dead fish) from the freezer at the condo the weekend before the storm because that would have been most unpleasant to come back to.  One of the things that was in there was this carton of lemonade.  We don't usually don't buy drinks in this size carton at home and I had remembered seeing a project that I wanted to try with it, so I brought it back.  

As I sat in the kitchen here, trying to keep myself occupied and warm, I started going through some of the Gooseberry Patch Christmas books that I have which has nothing to do with this project except for the fact that I had printed up the pattern from the internet at some point and found it in one of the books.  That was a stroke of luck because I would not have been able to print anything from the internet without power.  So it was meant to be.  A Juice Carton Wallet.  You can find the directions and pattern here (click on the word "template" in the #1 direction not the one in the supply list).

I found I had to enlarge the hole slightly.  If you try it, be careful and do this a little at a time, otherwise the cap will not keep it closed.

So, I would probably use this to hold gift cards or business cards if I had them.  

There was another "recycling" project I started during that time I'll be sharing in a bit.  

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  1. Fun idea . . . I love projects like this - using something you would other wise just throw out.


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