Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Inktober 2017 - Days 29-31

Ahhhhh, the last three days of Inktober.

This one started with the sketch in pencil, then Micron..........

Then I used markers and a few colored pencils to finish it.  I'm just sorry he looks so worried.

As before, this was a learning experience and a challenge to keep a commitment.  Though there were a couple of days that I fell behind, it was never more than one.  And my subject matter was all over the place.  If I do this again next year, and I think I will, I am going to try to choose a theme.  I also want to remember to use a different choice of paper.  Initially I grabbed what was at hand - 4x6 index cards, and should have chosen a sketch book with better quality paper.  Not that the execution of the artwork would change, that's on me, but the effects would be better.  Like I said, a learning experience.  

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