Thursday, November 23, 2017

Always Looking UP - Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.  I thought I'd share some sky pics from this week.  A reminder to always look up and be thankful.

A morning full of purple, pink, and orange.  

I officially became a madwoman where sunsets are concerned this week.  I was watching the news and the weatherman showed a picture of the most beautiful orange sunset as it was happening in NYC.  I knew we're just a bit west of NYC so we should be seeing something similar and, sure enough, when I looked outside there was an orange glow in the west.  

I grabbed the camera and the car keys, ran out of the house pulling the door locked, threw the keys at HWNSNBP (who was working outside at the time) and told him "get in the car and drive - you're taking me to that sunset".  

The first few pictures are through the car window as we drove.

And then we came to a place with a pretty much unobstructed view where we could pull over and I could get out and start shooting.  

As it does during sunset, the sky began to darken but it was still pretty dramatic.  

That was the second time that day that I had him drive me to take sky pictures.  When I was driving home from work I looked up and there was a cross in the sky with a cloud that looked like a heart in the middle of it.  Our street is tree-lined so although I could see it through the clouds, there was no clear shot.  

As he was outside as I pulled up, I asked him to take me around the corner to where I could get a clearer shot.  You can see that the cross was starting to degrade by that time and the heart was barely visible, but I thought I'd share the pictures nonetheless.  

There are a lot of things that I'm thankful for - family, friends, the roof over my head and all that, but I'm also thankful for the beauty all around me.  Even though it's not always right in front of my face, it's there.  I just have to remember sometimes to just look up.


  1. At first I thought the first picture was my favourite - and maybe it still is, because I love the perspective shot through the trees. But oh my, those sunsets! Well worth the drive for, I would say. It's almost as if the sky was on fire. The second one where there's still a hint of blue in the corner gives great contrast, but the waves and billows of light and cloud in the next two are juts amazing. Thanks for sharing such a spectacular sunset with us. Even when we see a good one, there's nowhere within a fifteen minute drive to get an unobstructed view.

    1. The sky changes so quickly. So most of the time I just watch through the trees here. But when I first looked out our window the whole of it was that intense orange and I hoped I could catch some of it before it all went dark. I was lucky this time.

  2. Those photos are so wonderful Lorraine! I love the message too. It's so important to always look up. I'm a sky fanatic too...I think I have hundreds of photos of sunrises, sunsets, moons and stars! :) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! :)

    1. Thanks Rain. It was a very quiet and enjoyable holiday.

  3. Beautiful! I love them all - especially the second one.


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