Monday, June 26, 2017

Vacation Weekend

It was a surprise for us that there was a concert at the dock on Saturday evening.  The lot was packed and the music was good.  They had the Doo Wop group Sounds of the Street.

With the humidity gone, we decided to take a ride to Cape May on Sunday.  The first stop was the lighthouse where all the purple marten houses where loaded.  

Inside the Nature Center among the snake, turtle, toad and frog displays there was a display with some Monarch Butterfly caterpillars eating their special meal of milkweed.

And these colorful tree frogs in another display.

We had lunch at the Lobster Dock out on the dock next to the Sea Quest.  I've never seen such colorful marine rope before.

We headed to the outdoor mall where one of the stores was decorated with this beautiful window box of flowers.

We had a couple of other places we wanted to visit there but as luck would have it, on the way to one of them a car pulled out in front of us suddenly and HWNSNBP had to hit the brakes hard at the exact moment that we hit a pothole and I heard a thump in the car.  Then I heard street sounds and noticed that the back passenger window was open about 3 inches.  I asked HWNSNBP when he opened the window and he said it's not open.  I told him it was and he must have hit the button by accident.  So he tried to close it but it wouldn't go up.  So he tried lowering it some more in the hope that it would then go up, but it did not. We pulled over and he tried to lift the glass while pressed the button but it wasn't budging.  The motion of the car with that quick stop and hitting the pothole must have knocked the window off the track.  So we really had no other choice but to head home as we couldn't leave the car unattended with the window open.  We drove home on the parkway and I had to keep my window partially opened to equalize the pressure in the car which was really doing a number on our ears.  When we got back to the condo we found some heavy plastic and packing tape to temporarily cover the window overnight to keep moisture out until we leave for home tomorrow to have it fixed.  We'll be riding home in the clown car!

I stepped out earlier this evening to visit our friend and HWNSNBP was Johnny-on-the-spot with his cell phone to capture the sunset.

This is what was left by the time I returned.  Still pretty dramatic.

And I'll share a photo of the little guy his mom sent us today.  His first experience at the beach.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Lorraine. The tree frogs are so cute.
    I hope it's not too expensive to fix your car.
    Your grandson has grown so much. He's just so sweet!

  2. Those frogs are just so cute, but I think my favourite picture is the one with the ropes - beautiful colours.
    And first day at the beach - I wish him many, many more, all filled with happiness and fun.


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