Wednesday, June 21, 2017

ICAD 2017 - Week 3 - Days 15-21

I had to push through this week a little not necessarily with ideas, more so with time.  It's the end of the school year and my days are very busy making me extra tired when I get home and sometimes a nap is very necessary.  Then I can't get to sleep until later making it a very vicious circle.  Two more days and I'll have a little break before going back to summer hours.

The themes for this week - as usual, suggested, not mandatory.  (But I kind of like making an extra couple of cards each week to document.)

And the prompts for Days 15-21

Day 15 - Starburst
I had this wacky thought the morning of this prompt.  I thought I could get a "burst" of stars by making many of them.  Then I thought that it might be fun to have help with this and since I work in a school, what better "stars" to draw stars than teachers?  Before I left for work I grabbed a handful of some Martha Stewart markers.  As the staff entered the office in the morning, I asked them to put a star on my card.  I told them anywhere, any size, any color, any kind of star.  One teacher asked me if I was doing a social experiment.  I said no and briefly explained ICAD.  A couple of things went wrong with this.  First, I didn't bring my own index card and had to use this "school quality" one which proved to be more porous than I would have liked.  Secondly, those dark gray stars were made with a marker that is supposed to be teal according to the cap.  Third, again because of the quality of the paper, when I attempted to use a Pilot pen for the writing, the ink bled. And it bled worse over the stars.  But since I was doing the writing at home after work, and I did not want to have to abandon the stars, I changed to a Micron and kept going.  

Day 16 - Rainbow
I started with adding swipes of marker (of an unmarked variety).

I found this backing sheet from a sticker painting book to use as a background.  I then cut up the first card into rainbow shapes.  

Day 17 - Sprout
I already had something planned for this, but then I saw the discarded pieces of the rainbow and that little toadstool was born.  It looked to lonely by itself so I did two more.  The edges were dry brushed with white acrylic paint.  

After looking at the list of prompts for the week I was thinking how I could incorporate the Scribble Picnic theme - JARS.  And this came to mind.  Done with watercolors.  

Day 18 - Alphabetize
Sometimes I have to give my e-mail address over the phone at work.  I think I enunciate my letters pretty good, but M's, S's, T's are easily mistaken for other letters.  I've been trying to remember the phonetic alphabet, the accepted phonetic alphabet to be prepared in these situations.  I thought writing them down would help.  It did............for a while.  I digress to my own phonetic alphabet when pressed.  Anyhoo, I first used some Stabilo markers to make those radio-wave-like marks on the background.  I thought that by adding a thin wash of white acrylic that they would blend a little more, but they didn't which was okay too.  Then I used watercolor to add the blue swirl and let it dry in order to write the phonetic alphabet with a Micron.  The background looked too washed to me at that point, so I chose a few of the colors and went over them again.  

Day 19 - Gear or Gadget
I just happened to have the ribbon hole punch on the table, as well as the paint chips.  The raffia ribbon was a recent purchase from the $Tree.  I'm glad I only paid 10 cents for the punch because it sticks big time.  I do have my original up in the craft tower, but I didn't press myself to go get it and instead struggled through punching these holes.  How does this apply to the prompt?  The punch is my Gadget.

Day 20 - Yin/Yang
I knew there had to be a tangle for this and I found it.  It's a variation of a tangle called Yang by Genevieve Crabe.  I tried at first to use a penny for my circles but it was too awkward to trace that many, so I used the lined side of the card for guidance as I drew my circles.  When I added the straight lines, the circles didn't seem to look as wonky.  I used some new gel pens for this - PaperMate's Ink Joy get pens.  Very nice to work with.  

Day 21 - Simplicity
Simple flowers on a simple watercolor background.  Flowers are a combination of the scraps of the raffia ribbon and paint chips that were still on my table.

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