Sunday, June 11, 2017

Garage Sale Finds

We happened to be home this weekend to attend a party and I was pleased to realize that the spring edition of one of my favorite garage sales was this weekend also.  So I abbreviated my "sleep-in Saturday" to get there when they opened but as is usually the case, the church grounds were already heavy with customers.  Nonetheless, my trusty "box man" dropped me off whilst he parked the car and after he did he dutifully found a box to keep track of my purchases.  I already had a couple of things in my hands by the time he found me though they weren't heavy at all.

A package of card making items for $1.50, a paper dove kit that was unmarked and they sold to me for 10 cents, and some little glittery flags also 10 cents.

This little recipe book was also unmarked and they gave it to me for 50 cents.  I bought it for the illustrations inside that are done in blue line work.

There are more drawings that I won't take time showing.

These glass items were a real bargain.  The two round containers were 50 cents each and the other four items were a quarter a piece.  I think they will make some nice succulent planters.

They always have a large selection of jewelry and I usually don't pay much attention to that but the heart flag pin caught my eye as I was passing and then when I did look through the shoe box found the starfish and bird.  I thought I might paint the bird white to add to my seagull pin collection and the starfish might go on a future beach-themed project.  The pins were $1.25 each.  

In the craft section there were 6 or 7 sets of Stampin' Up stamp sets marked at 50 cents a box - a real steal - but not hard to believe, I already had them all.  I also have these items but they were priced so low I couldn't resist.  The small punch was 10 cents, the larger one 50, and you can see that the stylus and kit were going for 50 cents..... a real steal.  I told HWNSNBP that if anything happened to me that I would be very upset if he sold my stamps for 50 cents.  He promptly told me "Don't worry about it.  You'll never know."

But our biggest deal of the day was getting a solar cover for our pool for $5.00.   It was marked "Make an Offer" and since it was a little bigger than our pool HWNSNBP originally passed it by. But as I was getting in line to pay for my "box" he asked one of the workers there what they were looking for. They told him to make an offer and he shot off $5.00.  The lady said she would have to check with one of the guys in charge and came back and told us they would accept that.  She did tell us that it was in two pieces because the owner had had it cut that way to make it easier to take off her pool. Sounded like a good idea to me.  So we added it to our bill.  As we were walking back to the car HWNSNBP told me that a new one would be about $120.  I think we definitely got a good deal.

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  1. Fun finds I love garage sales but try to just mostly have a look now.


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