Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Random Project Round-Up

The daughter of one of my co-workers is getting married this summer out-of-state.  So her mom is planning a little bridal shower for her here for some family and friends who will not be able to make the wedding.  She asked me to help with invitations using a dress theme.  I quickly looked through Pinterest for some ideas and found this cute card (click here).  (Register pet peeve here - when people pin the project instead of the post and you can't get back to the original to find out who to give credit to!!!)  My friend had this dress cookie cutter that she is using to make special cookies for the shower which turned out to fit perfectly on the front of the invite.  I didn't have a stamp that said Bridal Shower so I used the computer and some white cardstock to get it on there.  Note:  The coral color is much darker in this picture that it is IRL.  With the two of us working, and with the right tools, we made 18 of these in about an hour.  She did have to take them home to glue the bows on.  

Friends of our recently celebrated their 40th anniversary.  We'll have two more of those this year, including ours, and one next year.  So I've decided that this will be the card for them all, though they will all have different "floral arrangements" and colors.  I used this tutorial from Adinktive Design which I fell in love with when I saw the samples, but be forwarned that the tutorial is just for the box part.  You do the floral arranging on your own making each card distinctive.  

Last week Rachel asked me to make a card for the officer that works in her school building.  A few days before, a Delaware State Trooper was shot and killed at a convenience store near her home and she wanted to show their school officer that they appreciate the fact that he is there to protect them.  I used a brick embossing folder for the black wall with a thin blue line across it. Thank you is spelled out in silver letters. 

The base of the card is white allowing space inside for a note of thanks.  

And since I took that picture on top of something in the works, I'll show you the finished panel yet to become a card. This stamp was a gift from my blogging friend Sabrina.  I stamped the design in kraft ink on kraft paper and used inks and an aquapainter to color it.  I like the coloring, but I think I'm going to try stamping it in a darker color, possibly black for a little more ..........something.  

That's the Round-Up for now.  

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  1. Oh, but I love the soft look of the stamping in kraft - it makes it look more like a drawing, and the soft colours are just beautiful. The flower planter project is really cool - it will be fun making it in different versions for each celebration.


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