Monday, October 17, 2016

Kite Festival

Okay, so, now I'm only a week behind........because this was from last weekend.  The International Kite Festival on Long Beach Island in NJ.  It was a funny kind of day, one that had you needing a jacket/sweatshirt but not really needing it once you started moving.  Or maybe that was just me.  The air was damp and the skies were just a tad bit foreboding, however, that proved to be okay as far as looking up and taking pictures.   We played the weather right and went for first thing on Saturday morning and we were glad we did because shortly after we left it started raining and it didn't stop for the rest of the weekend we heard.

We could see some of the kites on the beach as we came off the bridge.  And here is the view as we got to the top of the dune before entering the beach area.

No, the pig is not having an embarrassing moment - just bad timing with my picture and getting that white kite behind her.  I could have picked the other photo I had of her but I wanted to get the fish in here.

A whole pod of whales.

These are very appropriate for the beach.

All kinds of creatures - real and fantastical.

A couple of last photos before we left - you can see the size relationship of the kites and people in this one.  The little kids were loving running under and sitting under the duck which was tethered pretty close to the ground.  We think this will be a great event to take Ryan to next year and Michelle agreed.  

Pig down!

I'm doing a little artistic challenge this month call Inktober.  The goal being to do one drawing in ink each day.  This octopus was one of my inspirations.

My drawings are pretty simple.  I've seen some posted on the internet that are very detailed and wonderfully done.  There are so many gifted artists out there.

These sharks were the inspiration for the card below.  I had just put a tangle in my tangle calendar called Shark Teeth and it seemed fitting to give them the whole page.  I'm using a little booklet of index cards held together with a ring.  It came with a front and back hard plastic cover with an elastic band to hold them together.  (A Dollar Tree find.)

And one more close-up of that flying pig.


  1. Love all these cool! But the flying pig IS my favorite!

  2. Wow, how lucky you are to have seen this! and I really like your zentangles!

  3. Love all the kites, but my fave is Miss Piggy!
    Looks like lot's of fun!
    Sunshine, New Zealand


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