Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Flowers and Leaves

They were predicting a frost last night so I spent some time outside when I got home from work cleaning up some potted plants to bring inside for the winter and cutting some zinnias for a bouquet. HWNSNBP found a pack (or a couple of pkgs.) of seeds in the basement earlier this summer labeled wildflowers.  He decided he wanted to plant them to see what came up.  We were both surprised to see zinnias come up as we don't consider them wildflowers.  But they sure were pretty.

I think I've mentioned that I've been reorganizing my craft supplies since HWNSNBP finished the floor and walls in the stamp cave.  I still have so much to go through.  One of the things that I did come across was a plastic bag full of stamped and embossed leaves in fall colors.  Honestly, there are so many of them and I can't for the life of me remember why I put so much effort into creating them in the first place.  That was one reason I decided not to toss them.  I used some, and I really mean only some because there are still many left, on this card.  

I started with a kraft card base (I believe these cards are 5 x 7) and added a band of washi tapes in kraft and gold.  Then I took a variety of leaves - these happen to all be embossed with gold, and arranged them in a neat pile.  Before I added the last leaf to the top of the pile I took some thin gold cording and gathered that up into loops.  I taped that down on the pile and then added the last leaf with a dimension.  I wasn't intending on adding the sequins however, when you drop a leaf glue-side-down onto the card base and leave a smudge where the glue was, you need to come up with something.  I had another package of 5 complimentary colored sequins (all shades of gold, some orange, and brown) which I glued sporadically around the front.  

I really like the way this came out.  I'm going to use it as a get well card for one of our cafeteria aides who just had some minor surgery.  She likes to wear a lot of bling so I think she will like all the bling on this card.  

I might throw together a couple more of these cards just to have as seasonal notecards because I've got a ton more of embossed leaves.  It was pretty quick to assemble.  And I like things that are pretty quick and that I can fit in when I've got little snatches of time.


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous and the leaves are so beautiful, glad you decided to make cards with them. This card is stunning with your leaves on it.
    I go through stages of doing the same thing, and then wonder what I was thinking to make so many.....LOL! I think it is part of my hoarding syndrome!

  2. I love those leaves . . . the colors are great! I am in the process of going through things also. I think life would be much less messy if a person didn't make things . . . but nearly as much fun!

  3. What a gorgeous array of leaves, Lorraine. Maybe you were thinking of making a wreath or something? I feel you made a wonderful one with leaves cut from SU brown paper packing at one stage.The gold looping looks really great with those rich glowing colours. We've all been there with the sequins - or whatever, often a butterfly in my case) to cover up an oopsie - these ones, I think, really add to the card.

  4. Love the pretty pink Zinnia's!
    An the leaves on the card are so sparkly and pretty too!
    The "purposely placed" sequins look awesome! Yay for embellishments!
    Sunshine, New Zealand


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