Thursday, October 20, 2016

Colorful Fall

The goldfinches are taking on their winter coloring but still look beautiful amongst what's still left of the zinnias.

Goldenrod is flourishing this year all over, but looked especially pretty along this sand dune.

The monarchs are migrating.  There are many places along the Jersey shoreline that you will find them before they take flight across the Delaware Bay and down the coast to Mexico.  

This one was fueling up on the lantana at the garden behind the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse.

The sun through the golden leaves of the maples lining the river bank on my way to work.  

And as I further attempt to sort through things as I'm re-entering my craft room, found items that I've saved for much too long are being repurposed.  These fall colors kept popping up and enticing me to use them up.  

This layered mandala is one of a few that I had stored away.  I believe this was one of the first stamps that I ever bought.  Outlines stamps, purchase in Delaware at a little stamp shop that I found while visiting my daughter when she went to school down there.  (We're talking around 2001-2002.) They've since gone out of business, but this is where my stamping addiction took root.  

Behind the mandala is actually a repurposed gift card holder - Starbuck's I think.  And a maple leaf jewel. Found a whole box of them............

Another Outlines stamp mandala. This one colored with colored pencils.  I centered it on a kraft card base and then used a ruler to mark out where I wanted to put my stitching and then punched the pilot holes with a needle tool. The variegated cotton thread in fall colors was another "re"find.  

Our weather is anything but normal for this time of year.  With the temps back up to the low 80's we opted to turn the AC on again while we had our little "Indian summer".  And as I'm typing this the weatherman is saying it's going to be blustery, brisk and cooler with the next 24 hours.  

Hope you're enjoying fall wherever you are!


  1. Envious of your glowing sunshine and the inspiration it's giving you to create those beautiful cards. Lantana - I never knew what that was called. I'm pretty sure I've seen it in Greece - a real butterfly magnet there too.
    It's turned cooler here, I wore a hat the other day for the first time this autumn. But blustery and windy...not a lot of sunshine.

  2. Love those colors and cards. Beautiful!


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