Sunday, May 1, 2016

Good Night April

The red-wing blackbird sat in the tree at dusk still singing his sweet song as the sun set and April came to a close.

The day started with some garage saling and then on to some errands.  When the errands were done we headed out to the lighthouse.  Never have we seen so many fishermen on the walkway and rocks.  Not even in the summer months.  There must have been some kind of fish run earlier in the day but as we walked through the crowded walkway carefully avoiding the fishermen's casts we didn't see anyone catching anything.  The picture is deceiving as they are only fishing on the left side.  The poles on the right are either extras or those of the fishermen waiting to grab a spot.  We climbed through the rail at the end and down the rocks to walk in the sand to the ocean.  And we almost made it.  My back was cramping up and we fell just a little short of the goal.

But on the way back there was one seagull (not pictured) and one duck in one of the tide pools.  All the other birds seemed to smartly be keeping their distance from all those fishing poles.  And although the nesting area for the plovers was once again roped off, we didn't see any.

We did do some shelling.  These are the finds that I tucked into the front pouch of my sweatshirt. That first shell on the top left is actually blue when wet and I'm wondering if I add a coat of clear nail polish if it will bring out the color.  

Back at the ranch, er, condo I did an unofficial tasted test of these trial m&m's that I picked up at the $Tree on the way down.  From the top:  Honey Nut, Chili Nut, and Coffee Nut.  The Honey Nut are sweet but not overpoweringly so.  The Chili Nut start out pretty so-so but have a real kick to them. You might not want to eat more than one at a time.  The Coffee Nut ones were good.  They had a mild coffee flavor that was not bitter but not as sweet as coffee ice cream.  Would I buy them again?  The Honey Nut and the Coffee Nut yes, the Chili Nut probably not.

And as that blackbird sang, the sun set in the sky over the refuge one last time in April.


  1. Wonderful pictures . . . love that red winged black bird. I think they are going to do the same thing with M&M's that they have done with Oreos . . . those coffee nut sound sort of good though.

  2. Wonderful collection of shells and great photos. We spotted a whole lot of the red winged black birds during our walk yesterday. They are beautiful!


  3. I almost feel I can smell salt air after looking at these! It sounds like a lovely way to see April out. I'll have to get out my North American bird book and look the blackbird up - we only have one type here.
    The M&Ms sound interesting - and reminded me straight away of Charlene! I always think of her when I see ads for them on hoardings. The coffee sound like the nicest ones to me.


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