Monday, May 16, 2016

A Little Bit of This and That

A baby goat came to visit at school last week.  He is part of one of our students' 4-H projects.  The week before, the students' mom came to get him early because there was an emergency with the mama goat.  Mama goat had been sick toward the end of her pregnancy and she was delivering a little prematurely.  She delivered 3 kids but the two females died leaving just this little boy kid.  And then, sadly the mama goat died so the family is hand-raising this little guy.  Isn't it cute!

Below are some not-so-bad attempts at capturing the sunset by HWNSNBP whilst he was at the condo late last week.  He had to meet up with a handyman to go over some work we're having done there and take care of a few errands in the area.  

The night he went down there I was working upstairs on a card we needed for the weekend.  The stamp cave is getting there - things are moved back in, but I haven't been able to organize them so it's taking me longer to find the things that I need.  Anyhoo....... while I was upstairs Kirby decided to have an adventure of his own downstairs.  I had left his door open and usually he just climbs to the top and sits there.  Well something must have spooked him because when I came down, the stinker was nowhere to be found.........and not making any noise.  Despite my calling his name and whistling, he didn't respond.  After about 10 minutes of looking for him I noticed some movement - it was him sitting on this trug that HWNSNBP made for me all the way across the room from his cage. I think he knew he was in trouble which is why he didn't make any noise.  But there's no punishment, just a little lecture.

And here is what I was working on.  We had a wedding to go to in Philadelphia Saturday.  I knew the bridesmaids were wearing this mossy green color and the guys were wearing grey.  The flower looks pinkish in the picture but there was no pink in it, I just highlighted it with some of the mossy green and then over that with some clear Wink of Stella.  The flower is from Hero Arts and came with dies perfect for layering it to look like paper tole.  The sentiment was die cut from some white glitter paper.  The background was scored and looked like the design on the invitations.  I thought I had a close-up of the flower, but I guess not.  

The poor bride badly sprained her ankle the night before the wedding and had to wear a boot but she was a trooper.  The ceremony was cute with the infant niece of the bride and the infant niece of the groom as flower girl and ringbearer - they were rolled down the aisle in a wagon by another groomsman assigned the job of wagonmaster.  The food was out of this world and I overdid the dancing just a smidge, but loved it nonetheless.  The groom is the son of one of our Table 7 compatriots and that's where we all sat - with our family of friends.


  1. Mmmm. Love the colours on the card! And the flower is so pretty! The wedding sounded like fun...and you can never overdo the dancing Lorraine!
    Sunshine, New Zealand

  2. The wink of stella always looks so much more sparkly when it's wet. After it dries, I have to look hard to find the sparkle.

    But now I have intricate swans and herons to play with!

  3. Beautiful card, Lorraine. The poor bride, I'm sure she made the best of it, but what unfortunate timing. 10 minutes before Kirby showed, you must have been just starting to get anxious!

  4. What a cute little guy that goat is . . . and so glad you found Kirby. Beautiful card! The wedding sounds great . . . cute idea with the wagonmaster.


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