Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sharing Their Christmas Creativity

Before we get too far removed from Christmas I wanted to share the homemade cards I received this Christmas.  

First is this beauty from Dana.  Isn't it adorable.   There's also a great stamped image inside that looks just like her and her husband.

My blogging friend Dawn sent me this from North Carolina.  Dawn is an expert color artist.  This Santa is spectacular.

The picture of this card from Sabrina doesn't do it justice.  I absolutely love the silver stamping on the navy background.  And just look at the glittery frame outlining that snowy background.  Love it!

My friend Janet posted this off to us.  Janet loves to use the clear envelopes and let me tell you, they really do make a statement! 

Carol, one of my sidelines, gave me this card that she made .  I really like the three panel layout.  It makes that snowman so special.

Our Teapot Queen, Cindy, sent me this one.  Ho, ho, ho!  Santa sure is a star!

Jingle Belles hostess Lauren sent me this beauty.  I am absolutely in awe over this card.  Very good use of all those wonderful goodies she had in her stash. 

A beautiful tag from Stefanie, our other Jingle Belles hostess.  Look at those sweet little snowflakes stamped on this - so cute!

Sabrina also made me this awesome Twelve Days of Christmas folding book.  Just look at all the detail in the cover alone.   Each of the page backs has this wonderful embossing on it. 

Inside she stamped and colored these fun images for the 12 Days.  Those little holly leaves and berries are just so pretty.  She has such creative attention to details.

See how all the pages are attached with ribbon she added between the front and back of each page. 

I forgot to take a picture of it displayed across the windowsill in the dining room where our Christmas Eve guests were able to enjoy it's beauty.  This will become a wonderful addition to our Christmas decorations.


  1. I loved the one clear envelope I received a card in - extra fun. You can come and take photos for me any time - your new lights and set-up are giving wonderful results.
    You're so generous yourself, I'm glad that was returned with this wonderful display.
    I took my Christmas cards down the other day so I could dust properly - now my bird birthday card has gone back up :D.

  2. I already have my Christmas cards ready for next year....store bought. Of course I'll forget where they are by then, but I swear, I will never, ever force myself to be a card making assembly line again. The stress!!


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