Saturday, January 7, 2012

Raptor Trust (Part 2)

As promised, some more of the pictures from our Jan. 2 outing, including , golden eagles, another pic of the snowy owl after he moved, barred owl and barn owl, and a peregrine falcon with an injured wing.

I took close to 100 pictures and a lot of them did not come out clearly because of the netting  you can see in the following picture.

I actually was astounded that some of the pictures where I got really close to the netting with the lens did come out (don't tell the Raptor Trust that I actually touched the cages though!)  Luckily the birds tolerated my determinedness to capture them in the camera only.

This is Jake the Raven - again, not so clear pictures, but he was a bit of a showman.  He made such cackles, whoops, clicks, and whistles.  We weren't sure whether he was showing off or that he was unnerved by the two turkey vultures that were not caged and were flying from tree to tree overhead. 

This pose is just how Kirby tilts his head to see something overhead or on the ground - very inquisitive looking.

And very noisy, though entertaining.

Speaking of vultures.  There were a couple of them sharing a cage.  The turket vulture with the red face and a black vulture.

I think we will try to go back in the spring and visit the indoor educational facility perhaps when we start thinking about gathering our annuals for planting. 

Looking out the back window this morning, despite the unseasonably warm temperatures I was a little sad not to see any birds at the feeder.  Stranger still is the lack of squirrels who always have to be chased away.  I'm afraid without the leaf cover of the trees our little friends will be very wary of visiting.  Right now we're only getting the occasional woodpecker at the suet feeder.  I wonder if the hawks move on to other territory if the food becomes scarce?  Should have asked that question last Monday on our visit!


  1. Look at those birds! One of my Christmas presents this year was from a guy on Etsy (I hinted strongly at my husband!!) His bird stuff is edgy and FUN -- but also beautiful:

  2. These are awesome! Where in NJ is the Raptor Trust? I'd love to visit it too!

  3. Beautiful photos of these amazing creatures, Lorraine! The owls, in particular, fascinate me.


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