Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sharing Their Talent

I received some wonderful handmade cards this last month and I wanted to share them.  The first is from my upline Debbie.  She's an awesome stamper and a very thoughtful friend.

The next is from my friend Janet.   Isn't this lovely?  I think she chose the perfect color for Christmas this year.  You can't see the crystals in the picture but they're awesome.

Tina sent me a Christmas card thank you for taking part in one of the Teapot Challenges.  I love the paper piercing and scalloped border.

Dawn sent me this beautifully colored Christmas card.  She is recovering from surgery herself.  Isn't that just the sweetest image?

Judi sent me her good wishes in this beauty.  I love the borders to that wonderful trendy tree.

Sabrina sent me this gorgeous Christmas card all the way from Ireland.  The snowflakes and silver border are so much prettier in real life and so delicate.  She knows how much I love birds.  Isn't this wonderful?

Charlene created this cool tree and that's some beautiful ribbon with the blue trees on it. My favorite color.

This Christmas card is from Cindy.  Look at the detail of the icicles and snow.  This deer, or is it a Chrismoose, is a hoot and a half.

And.... she also sent me the card from our Teapot Adventure on Bus 42000! 

Thank you to all my wonderful, creative and thoughtful friends for sharing your talent with me. 


  1. I am so glad you were showered with love.. It is so scary going through all of that. I had my final Dr appt today.. Gave the Dr a big old hug. She was wonderful. Glad to hear your results were good too..:)

  2. Great cards you've received!


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