Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January Lighthouse

It didn't start out that way, but after we managed to visit the lighthouse last March, and April, and then May, June, July, and August, we made it a goal to visit each month thereafter.  We got there in October, November and December, and just yesterday we got in our January visit and let me tell you it was cold.  There were three cars in the parking lot and we passed a man and woman coming away from the lighthouse, but we didn't see anyone else and once we got around to the front of the building we knew why.  The wind was biting and bitterly cold.  So much so, that we got to the rail on the walkway and quickly turned around.   

At the opposite end of the parking lot there is a pathway to the beach area behind the lighthouse which is a little protected by trees so I thought I might get my picture there.  Well, if the wind weren't blowing directly at me it would have been nice to stay and try some more pictures, but these are the ones that I managed.

You can see how gray of a day it was.  I saw the bird on the rocks to the left of the lighthouse and zoomed in on it and when I was editing noticed the roof outline just past the dunes on the opposite side of the inlet.  I'd never been to or heard of there being any buildings so near the end of Island Beach State Park, but HWNSNBP informed me that he knew of them.  Of course.

Eleven down, one to go.

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  1. It looks cold even if there weren't a wind!! And a cold wind from the sea is bitter - I'd say those pictures capture the feel of the day pretty well.


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