Monday, June 7, 2010

Watermelon and Flowers

What a mix right?  Well the watermelons are not edible in this case.  I saw this cool little basket on Patti Lee's blog.  It reminded me of something that my mother would bring to the beach when we were children.  I had to give it a try myself using the Tropical Party stamp set to embellish it. 

Doesn't that look like layers of sherbet?  Well, that got me thinking of layers and colors and somehow I thought it might make a good watermelon slice.

I played around with it a couple of times to see which way I liked it most (the top one won out in my opinion).  You can see below that some have black stitching, some have a solid white panel.  Well, what to do with those little baskets?  I filled them with a little bag of cherry, coconut, and licorice jelly beans and brought them to our downline meeting Friday night for the gals.  I'll be showing you the great projects we worked on that night later this week.

We spent quite some time in the garden on Saturday despite the heat.  I have most of my perennial bed done.  Anyone know where I can get glass mulch?  I want to line the path with it and can't find a local source.  

Last fall I found some packets of seeds I hadn't used yet (daisies and bachelor buttons) and HWNSNBP threw them in one of the raised beds we set aside for cutting flowers and guess what? - We got daisies and bachelor buttons.

And here are some petunias I couldn't resist at the Great Swamp even though I usually don't have very good luck with petunias.  The color combination intrigued me - the centers are a solft green that blends outward to a soft yellow and then pink.  Here they are against the water in the pool.  


  1. I just love the colours in that petunia photo - beautiful combination.
    And if that texture plate isn't just perfect for little *straw* totes! I don't know which I like better - the top one definitely reminds me of beach days, but the watermelon ones are so much fun, especially with the little pips. I am sure everyone was thrilled to receive one of those.

  2. Those baskets are ADORABLE!!! I saw them on Patti Lees blog as well, but I don't have the basket die :( And I just couldn't justify it - trust me I was totally beating myself up - I had a tennis match going on between the good Kim and bad Kim LOL

  3. I love your beach bag treat holders. They're so precious. I especially adore the watermelon totes. They are so sweet!


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