Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bluebird Updates

HWNSNBP ordered 2000 mealworms.  Here he is shaking them out of the muslin bag and into the plastic container.  He poked holes in the top of the container, added oatmeal for food, and a slice of potato for moisture.  He'll keep them in the basement. 

In the mealworm feeder go 25 mealworms. 

Mom has noticed them. 

"Hey look what I found.  I'm scared to go in.  You go."

"Didn't I tell you they were there?"

"Thanks dear."

What a pair.

The nest on 6-16, all but one hatched.

The nest on 6-20.  All hatched.

But.......... it looks like Mrs. Blue has met with disaster.  We found the feathers and part of a wing on the ground near the nest box. 

Mr. Blue looks so forlorn.  He has been keeping watch on the box and feeding the chicks.  We did not see Mrs. Blue all day and fear that she has been killed.  We are hoping that Mr. Blue will be able to do all the work himself in that box.  Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. What awesome photos, Lorraine!!! My heart is sad for those chicks, though. They need their mama.

  2. Those amazing blue eggs again! How sad that you think the mother is gone. I know that with some species of birds, siblings who don't mate help in the rearing of chicks, but I have no idea if that applies to bluebirds. I do so hope they survive.
    Love your captions on the feeding ones - and especially the picture of Mr Blue inside.
    I'd never thought of live mealworms till I went looking online to get some dried ones for the robins. Not sure what C's reaction would be - he was a bit taken aback to realise the dried ones really were *worms* and not just worm-shaped suet or something...even for a robin eating from his hand I don't know if he'd hold a living one!


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