Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Teapot Tuesday 88

Yo, yo.  It's a rappin' week at the party.  Frizzle Da Dizzle, Da Teapot Sizzle!  Sounds like fun, huh!  Well take a look at this.......

 This is Frizzle. He's giving rap lessons behind the barn and Gertie is there.  Confused?  Well check out the Teapot Challenge for this week and you'll be less confused. 

Here I have Frizzle taking center stage amongst his peeps out behind the pastel barn. 

Inside it says Thank You - it'll be a thank you card for an Easter gift I received. 

The "peeps" are from Best of Cluck (retired) and I colored them with my SU markers.  I pounced the color on to make them look "frizzled".  Did it work?  I used my pastels to add some blue sky and green grass around them, and I'm not sure you can see that in the picture. 

Please be sure to stop by the Teapot Gallery and check out the rest of the challenge cards.  And you really should make sure to check Cindy's glob.  She's done it again with a brilliant card and story!

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  1. Yep, they look frizzled. And not frazzled :D.


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